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Remembrance Day

In class 9, we were very proud to remember the heroic people who have fought for our freedom ever since World War 1. Well done to our Park Grovers for respectably honouring the minutes silence at 11am on the 11th in commemoration of the Armistice of 11 November 1918.

We also created some lovely poppy illustrations in honour of Remembrance Day.

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  1. elle Reply

    i’m so greatfull to all the people that fought in war!

  2. Jade Reply

    I really enjoyed drawing my poppie as i really like art.

  3. ben Reply

    i really liked making poppies to remember the people who fought for this country

  4. kian Reply

    I really enjoyed creating poppies but when we had the one minute of silence I felt really sad thinking about the people that died in the wars.

  5. Tia A Reply

    I’m glad we do things like drawing poppies and take a minutes silence when we are at school as it makes sure we definitely show respect to the loyal fighters who fought for our freedom.

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