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Class 2 love riddles, and we’re getting very good at writing them! Today we wrote riddles about our favourite traditional tales characters. The children had some fantastic ideas, using lots of descriptive words. Most important of all, though, everybody remembered not to give away the name of their character!

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  1. Mr Wilson Reply

    Where are the riddles? – can we all have a go at guessing them?

  2. class2 Reply

    Here is a riddle written by the Polar Bears group:

    I have a frosting,
    I have cherry buttons,
    I can run fast,
    I was baked in the oven,
    I got chased by the pig,
    I was eaten by the fox.

    Who am I?

  3. max furey Reply

    max i have 3 buttons who am i

  4. class2 Reply

    Hmmmm… Are you the Gingerbread Man, Max?

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