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Year 3/4 Play

We are all very busy learning  lines for our very exciting Year 3/4 play. What is your favourite line in the play?

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  1. Ella Reply

    My line!
    “How can you joke when that mountain might be about to explode and pour boiling hot lava all over us.What would you do if it does explode!”

  2. Betsy Leach Reply

    My favourite line is” the horse said wev’e got to get out of here!!”

  3. Helen Reply

    My favorite line the play is “what do you call pig that does karate pork chop”

  4. Chelsea Reply

    My favourite line in the play is analyst report that there is something fish going on at sushi bank.

  5. Lewkas Reply

    I am sooooooooooooooo nervous about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. class4 Reply

    I can’t wait to see it!
    From Mrs Hearson

  7. Joseph Williams Reply

    My favroite line is-“Rainin’ chickens?-Now tthatss what I call Foul weather!”

    P.S In case you haven’t noticed this line is MY line.

  8. Sophie Reply

    My favourat line in the play is”Aye, very passable that, very passable bit of risotto.”

    • reuben Reply

      That’s my line

  9. reuben Reply

    My favourite line is when Sophia says what Mr masrelli!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr Mastrelli Reply

      I can’t say it is my favourite line Reuben!

  10. Millie Reply

    I don’t have any lines but I’m hoping to do stage things.

  11. Lewkas Reply

    My favourite line is “Is it just me or is there a bit of a flooding going on here”?

  12. Lucia Reply

    My favourite line is” What mr Mastrelli.”

  13. mani Reply

    Mine is the one about Mr.Mastrelli.

  14. logan Reply

    i like it when sophia finks that there hiding
    from Mr Mastrelli it’s funny.

  15. Scarlet Reply

    Mean wayel jobs at cratybanc wile be chopet.

    And all ife got is a twics bare.

  16. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    My favorite line is “It’s got a name inside,Miss Plews!”
    Just incase you didn’t know I say that line.

  17. Onett Reply

    My favorite line is “YOUR JUST BEING A WET LAD”.

  18. Freddie Reply

    I looooooooooove my lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. minnie cotton Reply

    My favourite line is when sophia says “What mr mastrelli”.

  20. Lucia Reply

    My favorite line is when I say Avalunch

  21. Mollie Reply

    My favorite line is ”Avalunche!” ”But we’ve only just had breakfast.”

  22. Shannon Reply

    staff at sushi bank feel they might get a raw deal.

  23. Isla Reply

    my favorite line is “Listen, I have come up with a plan so kunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel”.

  24. Millie:) Reply

    I like pulling the strings to make the scenes fall down.I keep pulling them too hard though and getting mixed up with which string to pull although it’s obvious.

  25. Sammy Salter Reply

    A cup o’cold tea.Thats one of my lines!

  26. Mollie Reply

    I should have put this in the other response but I like ”Well I was going to bring a bar of soap with me” ”So why didn’t you?”
    ”Well the chemist asked if I wanted it scented and I said yes but it hasn’t arrived yet.”

  27. Ben Reply

    I like it when Eddy says ” i bet you would have to be relly carfull not to step in a poodle”.

  28. Isla Reply

    Hi every body I really enjoyed the play so much I hope you did

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