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Robin Hood on trial

We put Robin Hood on trial this week for the crime of stealing. What was your role in the trial? Do you think the right verdict was reached?

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  1. Alexander (school council) Reply

    I was the Sheriff Of Nottingham and I was against my sister (robin hood) who won the DEBATE!

  2. Ellen Reply

    my role was prosocution layer and i don’t think the right verdict was reached.

  3. Harper Reply

    I was an onlooker!!

  4. Poppy Reply

    This week the trial for Robin Hood was very fun.

  5. jasmine Reply

    i really liked about learning about the robin hood trial and about all the characters and my best one was maid Marian because i like her and her character in robin hood.

  6. Polina Reply

    I was an onlooker and we had to say if Robin Hood should be executed or if he should live

  7. Ellen + Tia Reply

    Tia’s role was a member of the jury and mine a prosucution lawyer we think the right verdict was reached

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