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It’s not cricket!

We have been busy preparing our cricket assembly this week. What have you been finding out?

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  1. Alexander Reply

    I really liked doing this. We did umpire signals.

  2. Alexander (writing for Harper) Reply

    Harper liked painting the county emblems.

  3. Ellen Reply

    I’ve been looking up cricket words

  4. Millie and Callie Reply

    we have been finding out about cricket and what the rules are and lods of facts

  5. Tia A Reply

    I have been finding out about the vocabulary in cricket and been making a cricket dictonary

  6. Charlotte Reply

    Well our group did Nottinghamshire but I also did a cricket dictonary with Franchesca, Tia-A, Harper and Ellen.

  7. Polina Reply

    I have been drawing a flag in our cricket flag and the flag is called the white rose.

  8. Poppy Reply

    I can not wait for the assembly i am so exited.

  9. harley Reply

    I have really enjoyed the past couple of weeks preparing our class5 assembly its been reallyyyyyyy fun!

  10. junior,isidora,fran Reply

    i loved doing the power point.

  11. pujani Reply

    I cant wait till our assembly.

  12. millie callie Reply

    Callie liked researching and millie liked doing the cricket art

  13. Alexander (school council) Reply

    I have been doing the Cricket Demonstrating and have been preparing a slide about how to play cricket.

  14. Harper Reply

    I have been making leaflets.

  15. jasmine Reply

    I am really exited for they assembly and i cant wait to show my flag of

  16. junior,marcus Reply

    I’m excited to preform are assembly

  17. Poppy and Alejandro Reply

    Class 5 assembly is going to be amazing.

  18. Ellen + Tia Reply

    We’ve been busy finding out lots of facts about cricket and different counties.

  19. harley Reply

    I cant wait until our class5 assembly it’s gonna be awesome.

  20. Zak Kelly Reply

    I am enjoying planning assembly. I’m really looking forward to Zumba cricket.

  21. Tia A Reply

    i liked doing the cricket dictionary :}

  22. Tia A Reply

    here have a smiley face 🙂

  23. polina Reply

    I enjoyed doing the cricket art very much.

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