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Robin Hood, Robin Hood. Enemy of the law…

Robin Hood, Robin Hood. Superhero of the Poor!

Our rehearsals are going very well indeed. Which part of our performance are you enjoying the most?

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  1. Lydia Reply

    I am enjoying everything to do with the play but, most of all, I love helping to make up a dance for the Minstrels’ verses. I think everyone is doing really well. 🙂

  2. Lauren Reply

    I loved practicing the Locked up blues.

  3. elly Reply

    I am enjoying all the singing.

  4. darby Reply

    I’m enjoying all the minstrel singing.

  5. Amira Reply

    I’m enjoying Toby’s evil laugh and the jail part because I think the dance for it is really good. 🙂

  6. Indie Reply

    I like all of it but i most like the songs.

  7. Amy Reply

    I’m really liking it because of the songs because they are really catchy.

  8. Ava Reply

    My favourite part is the roly poly friar.

  9. Nikoo Reply

    I really enjoy all the singing.

  10. Tom Chambers Reply

    What do you spy you wise old witch? is the best because its when I get ready for my part

  11. robert Reply

    I enjoy the sheriff of Nottingham song.

  12. Bethan (school council) Reply

    I like George and Tobys parts because they’re hilarious! But I also like every one else! Good job every one!

  13. Alfie Reply

    My best part of the play is the hotshot team song, it is really catchy.

  14. ellie Reply

    I really like the Rolly Polly friar bit, the dance is very good.

  15. Ellie P Reply

    I love practicing the songs but my favorite song has to be the hot shot team!

  16. Edward Reply

    All of it is brilliant but I think Mrs little John and Friar Tuck are amazing, I also love the songs because I can’t stop singing them.

  17. cameron Reply

    I love the hot shot team song especially max and also a thank you to mrs bird for helping with my costume

  18. Leila Reply

    I’m really enjoying dancing to all the minstrel songs.

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