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Rockin Research!

This week in English we have been researching about different Stone Age artefacts. Each child wrote a formal information card about an artefact, writing as an expert!


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  1. Betsy Reply

    My fact card was about an antler barbed point which was a prehistoric harpoon, I liked researching about this artefact because I learnt lots about Stone Age weapons

  2. Sophie Reply

    Although the artefacts were quite vague on some questions, I think we all wrote an excellent formal information card.

  3. Ella! Reply

    This lesson was very fun learning about the different Stone Age artefacts!

  4. Lucia Reply

    Doing the research about the different artefacts was one of my favourite lessons because I loved finding information about bone needles!!

  5. lucas Reply

    It was awsome.

  6. Livy Reply

    This was so fun learning about Stonehenge, Stone Age and early humans!

  7. Isidora! Reply

    I enjoyed this and found some intresting facts-in the end.

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