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Santa’s Sleigh Update…

The children of Class 7 are proud to announce the ultimate redesign of Santa’s sleigh!  As part of our writing this week, we’ve been creating techno sleighs packed with gadgets and gizmos to help make Santa’s dash around the world on Christmas Eve a little bit easier!  Here are some of our ideas…

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  1. Harry Reply

    my santas upgrade is a rocket booster catapult.

  2. lucy Reply

    I really enjoyed designing Santa’s sleigh, maybe in the future he will be on it!

  3. Oscar (school council) ;D Reply

    3. A present catcher in case of any presents falling.

    2. A rock, pushes the sleigh when out of battery.

    1. A hot water bottle type Tardis style sack.

    I thought the suggestions were brill! Great work, everyone! ;P

  4. Chelsea Reply

    I really enjoyed doing a modern sleigh because you got to put in cool stuff like a foot bath.

  5. m@ni Reply


  6. m@ni Reply

    my sleigh was awesome!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😀 :p

  7. louie Reply

    i have stickers that stick to the roof!

  8. Joshua Reply

    my best gizmo is a fog light that can let Santa see through the thickest fog

  9. Travis Reply

    Mine has a teleporting device! :3 It also has a hovering ability

  10. Sara Reply

    My sleigh was called Santa’s flake. The flakes were the wings.

  11. Ben be Reply

    I have a recliner for Santa to relax.

  12. Molly Reply

    I really enjoyed making moden sleighs.

  13. Millie Reply

    The Santa’s sleigh that I created was called the FIRE BLASTER here are some of the upgrades:

    1. It has fire coming from the back to change the speed;

    2. It has a small door at the bottom of the present carrage to drop presents down chimneys;

    3. It has a tablet so Santa can be entertained.

  14. Masha and Harry Reply

    My upgraded sleigh has a propellor and a blanket.

  15. Betsy Reply

    Mine was called The Reindeer Controller and It has a leaver turning the chair into a bed!

  16. jade Reply

    I really enjoyed this because last night I dreamed about Christmas and I was Santa Claus [so fun]

  17. Helen Reply

    My sleigh was called dAshEer.It looked just like a penguin.

  18. Scarlet Reply

    I have a awesome sleigh you should see it! 🙂 🙂 😀

  19. Onett Reply

    My sleigh design had heated seating and a Santa Nav.

  20. amber/ben Reply

    Ben:My best part was my robo shark

    amber:My best part was the present bag

  21. Jasmine Reply

    My best feature is a present shooter.

  22. Lewkas Reply

    Mine has a solid steel volt for presents.

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