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Scary Characters…

This week we have been thinking carefully about scary characters, in preparation for writing our own scary story next week!

What can you tell me about the characters you have chosen?

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  1. Holly Reply

    I wrote about this inquisitive and daring girl called Amy. She is 14 years old and lives with her beloved gran.

  2. luke Reply

    I wrote about a man called Mark and his brother Jack investigating a explosion in their towns old abandoned mine then they encounter a ghost(well they think its a ghost) looking for its valuable gem stone called the enderstone but mark finds it first and starts to know the history of the enderstone and the ghost’s name but its back to front (enirb oreH) try puting that in a mirror and you will get the ghost’s name.

  3. Klaudia Reply

    My character is Melissa, she’s 15 year old, and she got very long brown hair …

  4. libby Reply

    my main character is called Julie she is 22 and is a very loving girl and always want to find out more.

  5. Olivia White Reply

    The main character is a sweet,15, year old girl and she goes to the beautiful countryside with blazing hot sun!(I wish I was there now its freezing outside)

  6. dominic Reply

    My character is someone called Jack he is going to a hauted manson to prove he is not a chicken .

    • luke Reply

      Ok but in my story theres someone called jack but thats ok.

      • luke Reply

        its ok dom

  7. Jaimie Reply

    My main character is a boy called Peter who is dared to sleep in a haunted mansion named Basilisk Manor for the night. Courageous, daring and adventurous, the foolish rebel agrees and is lured into bog by trapped, lost spirits, where he is drowned and eaten. As the spirits are evil with twisted hearts, they do not care about others, and live on greed, hate and most horribly, human flesh.

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