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Scary Stories

How did you build the suspense in your story?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    First Phil heard creaking noises, then creepy nursery rhymes then foot steps.

    • Kyle Reply

      First Timmy J.R sat down and the chair leg snapped.

  2. Elly Reply

    I used phrases such a ‘Amy whimpered’ and ‘Slowly she creeped along the long corridor turning her head occasionally to check the cook was still there’

  3. martina Reply

    Leslie herd strange rustling then a thud and mysterious footsteps…

  4. Euan Reply

    Dave heard faint creeks and foot steps… He was not alone

  5. Emma Reply

    Mummmm! Moaned Amy

  6. nicola Reply

    The two girls went in to the lift and then looked in the smashed mirror a scary doll appeared, they looked at each other then looked at each and then they looked at the ground and the doll started singing ring a rosie.

  7. Amalie Reply

    Ginger and Calli heard footsteps getting louder and louder.

  8. Sam Salter (school council) Reply

    My story is about a soldier called Sam who’s 32 years old,Sam is a brave and fearless character in my story.

  9. Nikoo Reply

    I used varied sentences and descriptive words to build suspense.

  10. Kyle Reply

    First the metal chair leg snapped.

  11. josh&stan Reply

    as they walked through to the kitchen, it was nothing like they saw through the miserable window. [josh]

    the fox was staring at me stan

  12. Emma Reply

    Someone tapped on Amy’s shoulder.

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