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Scary Stories…

We are in the midst of writing our own scary story. Today we looked at the introduction of our story. How did you describe the setting and main character? What other details did you include?

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  1. Holly Reply

    I am really getting into the flow of my scary story. A big shock will be waiting at the end of it!

  2. jake Reply

    I enjoyed writing it because we (the class) put a lot of effort into it and the end result was a good story.

  3. khai Reply

    my one is about five nights at Freddy its a game well a very scary game so i decided to make it a story its got lots of suspense moments

  4. mae Reply

    my favorite part of the story to wright was the build up and problem.

  5. libby Reply

    I cant wait to read them all.

  6. abby Reply

    iv now finished my story and i love it! my it character is called Lilly and you will have to read the story to find out my it character… its spooky!

  7. Olivia White Reply

    I really like making up scary stories its really fun and I also liked it when we checked our work to see what we had in our writing!

  8. Jacob Reply

    I enjoyed writing my scary story!

  9. molly Reply

    i enjoyed writing the scary stories and looking at the video.

  10. Katy Reply

    In my scary story I started it off with some speech and I can not wait to read it When it is finished.

  11. Joseph Reply

    I loved writing my scary story because I love writing stories espesially when they are scary

  12. Ava Reply

    I really enjoy writing scary stories but I still like writing funny ones as well!


    • molly Reply


  13. Oleg Reply

    Writing our scary storys was awsome.

  14. alexander Reply

    i really enjoyed writing the story mine was all about someone called matthew goes in a island a finds something weird…

    • alexander Reply

      i don’t really like to write stories but i thought i did well 🙂

  15. Dan Reply

    writing scary stories was really fun i like writing scary stories YEAH! 😀

  16. Tom Reply

    I loved doing our scary stories because it gave us a glimpse of how Mr Mastrelli would be teaching us and it was fun.

  17. Tomas Reply

    I love writing scary stories! (:

  18. Tomas Reply


  19. Jaimie Reply

    Writing stories is one of my favorite past times, so naturally, I tried my hardest to make it as detailed as possible. It includes a range of vocabulary, many connectives, a variety of openers and lots of correct and dramatic punctuation. That’s all of VCOP! It has a good range of suspense, drama, speech, description and action in it and I hope it is a satisfactory story to meet the needs of anyone willing to be well and truly frightened.

  20. Dylan Reply

    I enjoyed writing my scary stories sooooo much

  21. zuzanna Reply

    I really liked writing the scary stories:-)

    • ade Reply

      same i really engoyed writing scary stories too.

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