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Homework Projects!

I think you will all agree with me when I say how spectacular the Dinosaur Homework Projects are in Class 8!

Which pieces of homework did you enjoy? What did you learn?

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  1. Holly Reply

    I learnt that there was a dinosaur called the dreadnoghtosaurus and the spineosaurus. When I did my research for my project, I found out that the Pachyrhinosaurus was a member of the ceratopsidae group. The Triceratops was also a member of the ceratopsidae group. I really enjoyed all the marvellous projects and the facts it consisted of.

  2. abby Reply

    i really liked Mae’s home work i like CAKE…

  3. William Reply

    I really enjoyed all the homework especially the CAKE!

  4. Klaudia Reply

    I learn lots about Tyrannosaurus Rex 🙂

  5. Tom Reply

    I enjoyed Joseph’s scratch project on the velociraptor.

  6. molly Reply

    it was yummy fun and interesting!

  7. Olivia White Reply

    I learned about that one of the dinosaurs that I did weighed about the same as an Indian Elephant and It was as tall as a double decker bus!

  8. mae Reply

    they were all really interesting!

  9. khai Reply

    i learnt about the dreadnought us a dinosaur and a battle ship and its the most recently discovered dinosaur in Argentina its probably the most biggest dinosaur ever so far.

  10. jake Reply

    home work was amazing as well as great fun

  11. luke Reply

    the spineosaurus is my favoret if only I finshed my homework

  12. dominic Reply

    The home work was really good !

  13. Jaimie Reply

    I think all the homework was amazing. I learnt that there was a underwater, shark-like dinosaur called a Helecoprian and I pushed my artistic skills to the limit when I had to decorate a poster all about Lycaenops, a prehistoric wolf-faced predator. It was great fun! A few facts I learnt was that Pachyrhinosaurus means ‘thick-nosed lizard’, another name for the pliosaurus is predator X and much more! I cannot wait for my next project to be shown, a prehistoric board game with facts galore! I have really enjoyed this dinosaur project and will be sad to move on, though I am eager to learn about the ancient egyptians. Please can we have a go at hieroglyphs?

  14. dan Reply

    I like cake homework. 😉 🙂

  15. Layla Reply

    I really liked the cake designs :]

  16. tom Reply

    I think that the homework is fun and allows us to use are imagination to make almost anything.

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