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Scary Stories

Class 6 have discussed and looked at how writers successfully create suspense in scary stories. Today the children started to write their scary stories, set in a tomb in Egypt. I am really looking forward to reading your writing Class 6…

Miss Land.

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  1. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I like writing scary stories but they can be a little tricky at times.Last year i wrote a scooby – doo story and I printed it out but I’ve lost it now.

  2. freddie Reply

    i love writing inventive and imaginative story’s and i love the build up of a story like zombies and sand man

  3. Sophie Reply

    I loved writing scary stories! It was amazing!!

  4. Henry T Reply

    i loved writing the scary story set in the tomb it was realy fun.

  5. logan Reply

    I loved writing my own scary story 🙂

  6. reuben Reply


  7. freddie Reply

    ssppookkyy : ) 🙂

  8. Charlie driscoll Reply

    spookkyy 🙂

  9. Isobel Reply

    I really enjoyed writing scary stories this week especially with suspense. I also enjoyed using the ipads to film our tomb storys.

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