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School Council Minutes 29.11.16



·         Register

·         Discuss ‘Rights and Responsibility’ feedback sheets.

·         Christmas fair – who can help and how can we get more sweet donations?

·         Introduce the need for a behaviour target from the Spring Term.

·         What should we name the attendance bears?




·               Rights and Responsibilities


Everyone had completed the task and most classes returned their sheets.

We discussed what had been written and Mrs Steel will use them to create list of rights and responsibilities.


·               Christmas Fair


All school councillors to remind their class to bring in donations of sweets for the Christmas Fair. Remember the more sweets, the more we raise, the more we can buy.

Oscar and Imogen poster will design a poster to advertise of Thursday lunchtime.

Sophia, Reuben, Olive and Henry will design sandwich board signs on Tuesday lunchtime


·               Spring Behaviour Target

Each school councillor will ask for suggestions for Spring Term behaviour target.

·               Attendance Bear

Each school councillor will ask their class for the best three suggested names for the attendance bear.

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  1. Elliot

    Please can you put the basketball hoop back up

  2. Cora Wareh

    I am really excited to know the bear names. I am hoping for Gary the Grizzly but we never know what name is going to get picked! Whatever it is, I am sure it will be a good name!