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School Council Reps

A big thank you to all of the children who applied to be our Class 8 School Council representatives.  We’ve just had some fantastic presentations from our candidates who all spoke very confidently about their ideas for our school.

The votes have been collected in and the chosen boy and girl will be announced shortly…

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  1. Max R Reply

    Well done school council you were all amazing good luck

    • Lydia Reply

      Don’t forget you, Max! You were really good too! Also like all of the other candidates!

  2. Euan Reply

    I liked everyone because they all did really well and they could speak with no fear at all.

  3. Lauren Reply

    Well done to all of the people who stood up and did their presentations and well done Maxwell who did it without his sheet

  4. Rudy Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS every body who did a presentation to be in the school council i think everybody did great.

    • Amy Reply

      school council

      I want to say good look to every one who took part in the
      vote also I would like to say well done for taking part hope you get in. wWll done for the hard work

      p.s Toby worked really hard because he stayed up till 9 for his brilliant presentation well done Toby


      • Amy Reply

        The best book is diary of a wimpy kid because he has a real cool way of writing his books. I recommend you reading them they are really addictive and i love reading them

        p.s i love lots of books Miss Campbell can you tell me more really good books


  5. Martha Reply

    Well done to all of you.I wished I could have voted for all of you but I could only vote for 1 girl and 1 boy.

    • Jordan Reply

      thanks Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Darby Reply

    i thought the the people who did their speeches did really well :).

  7. Tom Chambers Reply

    Well done to the people who said they want to be a school council rep

    • Jordan Reply

      thanks tom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Alfie Stewart Reply

    Everyone did well doing their speech.

  9. Caleb Reply

    I congratulate everybody who did a school council presentation they were awesome 😀

  10. leo Reply

    congratulations on the school council presentations they were VERY VERY good well done to all of you

  11. Jordan Reply

    Hey guys,well done for doing your presentations and especially to max for doing it without his speech. well done guys hope you get chosen.

    • Max.P Reply

      Thanks Jordan!

  12. Amira Reply

    I think everyone has done well with their speeches and I hope we have a good rep for our class

  13. Max.P Reply

    I think that Huw’s presentation was very convincing.I also liked Toby and his astrophysics club.

  14. devnara Reply

    I can’t belive how good they are!They were so confident,I could never do it.

  15. piran Reply

    well done every one who has entered the class rep wish every one won

  16. Elllie Reply

    great speeches

  17. Sam Reply

    Everybody who did a presentation did awesome!!!
    Well done.

  18. Toby Reply

    Good luck to all!!!!!! Can’t wait to find out who’s the new School Council Rep!!!!!!!!

  19. cameron Reply

    I think Max was very good because he didn’t even have a script.

  20. Ellie.P Reply

    Well Done to all reps! You all deserve the job!!

  21. Huw Reply

    Well done everyone who entered the school council vote but hopefully I won!

  22. Ellie.P Reply

    For the Author of the month I would pick Adriana Trigiani because I’m really enjoying her book and I love that she put a bit of sarcasm in the main character because i think it makes it more funny to read 😉

  23. Indie Reply

    I think that everybody was good at their speeches.

  24. leila Reply

    everyone was great that had a go at school council

  25. Ellie.P Reply

    The author of the month i would choose is Adriana Trigiani because her book ‘Viola in Reel Life’ is very interesting so far and i love the sarcasm in the main character because i think it makes it more funny to read

  26. Katie Reply

    Well done to every one who entered to be a school council rep because every one did really well.

  27. oliver Reply

    well done school council please do something good for us

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