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Science day

I hope you all enjoyed our science enrichment day as a much as Mrs Rathmell and I did! You made some super sparkly explosions and we were very impressed with the comments you all made as you worked out what was happening. Are you able to tell a grown up about what you did? There were some fantastic circuits and stunning volcano designs. Don’t worry if you didn’t get chance to make a volcano though, as I am very sure we will be making them again.

What was your favourite moment from today?

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  1. Henry Jacobi Reply

    Dear Mr Baines

    The mad scientist showed us some really, really, really magical tricks like magicians and things. They were really good weren’t they? My favourite trick was the one with the volcano and the changing duck colour and I also liked the bottle of water turning purple and other colours too. (I dictated this to my Mummy to type up)
    PS It was fun!

    • class2 Reply

      That was one of my favourite moments too, Henry, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the day! I loved how the dry ice made the liquid bubble and steam like a real witch’s potion. I loved the volcanoes you all made in class as well.

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