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Science Enrichment Day!

Class 8 learnt all about Tim Peake the British astronaut who is going to the International Space Station in December. We also tried astronaut food, discussed a variety of facts about Mars and finally created abstract art pictures in the style of Peter Thorpe. What did you enjoy most about this day?!

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  1. Mrs Steel Reply

    I wasn’t sure about the astronaut food. Why do you think it has to be dehydrated?

    • Aruma Reply

      Is it because it would probably go off and also would be easier to store.

  2. Travis Reply

    Space food needs to be dehydrated because if you brang normal food in space, it would fall apart because of the lack of gravity. Dehydrated food on the other hand would stay together

  3. Ben Be (chair of school council) Reply

    I enjoyed drawing abstract art in the style of Peter Thorpe.

  4. Molly Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the abstract art.

  5. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy) Reply

    I really enjoyed picking 6 items that we would take to the moon, it was really tricky in deciding what to bring and what not to bring. 🙂

  6. Kian Reply

    I enjoyed making abstract art in the style of Peter Thorpe. Mine and Ben’s abstract art picture was a rocket getting sucked into a black hole. I really enjoyed making the rocket.

  7. olivia Reply

    I really enjoyed drawing the pictures in abstract and really liked Peter Thorpe’s style.

  8. jade Reply

    I liked doing abstract art:)
    and I did it with janet

  9. Sam Salter Reply

    My favourite part was doing the Abstract Art and learning about Tim Peake.

  10. Travis Reply

    I loved the rocket art in the style of Peter Thorpe! Drawing the ship was pretty fun. I also loved writing the facts about Mars.

  11. louie Reply

    I enjoyed doing the abstract drawing with turned out Eddy and ours turned out really good 🙂 🙂

  12. leah Reply

    I really enjoyed making the abstract pictures in the style of peter Thorpe!

  13. FLETCHER! Reply

    I enjoyed doing the abstract art because I like space and rockets also I got to pick my partner which was awesome

  14. kyran Reply

    I have learnt a lot about mars from the science enrichment day and it was really fun

  15. Amalie Reply

    I loved the food

  16. stanley Reply

    I enjoyed the art work!

  17. Chelsea Reply

    I most enjoyed drawing our spaceships in pairs because there were lots of choices of spaceships you could do but also you could do a different abstract.

  18. ben br Reply

    I enjoyed the abstract art.

  19. mani Reply

    I mostly enjoyed our abstract art.

  20. Oscar Reply

    Is it because the water/liquid would expand? 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  21. joe Reply

    from I opinion the space food was really tasty, but my favourite was art in the afternoon!

  22. kyle Reply

    I think that it has to be dehydrated because so the food will not break apart, if you take normal food into space it will break apart because of the gravity.

  23. Aruma Reply

    I absolutely loved doing the abstract art because it was really fun to use the oil pastels. 🙂

  24. Abi Reply

    I enjoyed our enrichment day I learnt about Marco Polo it was fun learning about different people.

  25. Avalon Reply

    I really enjoyed making the space rockets and using pastels to make them colourful.

  26. Amalie Reply

    I loved the astronaut food and it was hard to pick what objects to bring.

  27. Lucy Reply

    I quite liked the space food but I wouldn’t want it again. My favourite activity was art in the afternoon!

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