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Science Enrichment Day

I hope you enjoyed a whole day of science!

Which activities did you enjoy? What did you learn?

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  1. sara Reply

    I most enjoed making the rocket in class 7

  2. Freddie Reply

    I love making lava lamp. : )

  3. Helen Reply

    I enjoyed the exploding lunch experiment.I learnt how to make a lava lamp and how to make the blobs.

  4. ben Reply

    i really enjoyed the science enrichment day 🙂

  5. Millie Reply

    I enjoyed science enrichment day especially in miss lands class

  6. Joseph Williams Reply

    I really enjoyed making rockets in class 7 with MR Hodge.

    I cant believe that we actually used coke and mentos!!

  7. Betsy Leach Reply

    I really enjoyed the exploding lunch bag it was extremly fun!!

    I really wanted to see what class 5s activity looked like as I did not get to do it!

  8. Chelsea Reply

    I really enjoyed were we exploded lunch bags but it didn’t work.

  9. Mollie Reply

    I enjoyed class 8 because we made lava lamps.We had to work in groups and make a lava lamp which was very fun to do.

  10. reuben pugh Reply


  11. Ella Reply

    I enjoyed the exploding lunch bag.

  12. Shannon Reply

    I loved going to different classes i loved class 8 activity it was so so fun !!

  13. harry metcalf Reply

    i enjoyed making rainbows with Mr Mastrelli and lava lamps with Mrs cambell

    i learnt that since can be with food.

  14. stan Reply

    I enjoyed class 7 when we made rockets and and one nearly hit scarlet

  15. lewkas Reply

    All were great, the lava lamp was pretty too!

  16. Charlie Reply

    I enjoyed class 6 because we made the exploding lunch bag.In it we did it but most of the time it failed.

  17. lucia and manon Reply

    I enjoyed class 7’s experiment because we were using film canisters,tablets and water. Then we put the lid on and let it fizz. the After that we did another experiment and we had to use Diet coke and mentos. Next we put the mentos into the coke and it exploded over Mr Hodge!

  18. Joe Reply

    I really enjoyed science enrichment day my favorite activity was over the rainbow.

  19. Mani :) Reply

    I also enjoyed the experiment in class 8 with ms Campbell where you made lava lamps. 🙂

  20. Onett Perera Reply

    My favorite activity was the exploding lunch bag. It was awesome even though some squirted all over the place instead of exploding.

  21. Scarlet Fulford Reply

    I enjoyed making a laver lamp because we got to see a Sayense Bob clip.

  22. sarah Reply

    I enjoyed making the rocket in class 7.

  23. Freddie Reply

    I still can’t believe that Mr Hodge put 15 mentoes in one bottle of diet coke.

  24. Joseph Williams Reply

    CLASS 5 was also an amazing activity as well, also very experimental!!

  25. Sam Salter Reply

    I loved Science Enrichment day my favorite part was making the lava lamps!

  26. logan Reply

    I like class6’s exploding lunch bag experamant

  27. Scarlet Fulford Reply

    I lurnt that wen you put a torch under neath a laver lamp it makes it layt up.

  28. Harvey Reply

    I realy liked the sienes day when we whent into mr hoge’s class as we studeed roets.

  29. Betsy Leach Reply

    I also enjoyed the assembly with the ducks which changed coulour.

  30. Joseph Williams Reply

    class 6’s activity was great! the exploding lunch bag all though my groups didn’t quite explode

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