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Science Enrichment Day

We had a spectacular Science Enrichment Day with plenty of experiments and explosions! Which activity did you find most exciting or intriguing?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    My favourite activity was the one where we made made rockets with Mr Hodge.

  2. Miss Sawyer Reply

    A big well done to Caleb who seems to be the best blogger in Class 8 at the moment.

  3. Martha Reply

    I liked the lava lamps as they worked really well!

  4. Amira Reply

    I liked Class 8’s because the lava lamps were such a good idea and actually looked like the real thing!

  5. cameron Reply

    I really wanted to do all those things but i wasn’t there (-:

  6. Edward Reply

    I loved Miss Land’s experiment with the viniger and baking soda because there was AN EXPLOSION.

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