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I thought that this might be a good place for you to show off your newfound semicolon skills! Can you blog a sentence that contains a correctly used semicolon?!

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  1. Caleb Reply

    Bert was very greedy ; he had a happy meal every day.

  2. Lydia Reply

    He hit the ball with his table tennis bat a bit too agressively; it hit the teacher with a loud BOOM!

  3. Leila Reply

    Then the cat woke up; it wasn’t happy.

  4. Leila Reply

    Then the cat woke up; it wasn’t happy at all.

  5. Amy Reply

    Max went to the shop;he was super happy when he got sweets.

  6. Jordan Reply

    I wasn’t happy;my Mum wasn’t happy.

  7. Max.P Reply

    The nasty wolf didn’t like the other animals; he was very lonely.

  8. Amira Reply

    She was always nice; that’s why everyone was friends with her.

  9. Martha Reply

    My brother was asleep ; he was snoring loudly.

  10. Edward Reply

    Max was very pleased; he got a good score on his test.

  11. Devnara Reply

    The plague hit London;lots of people suffered!

  12. Nikoo Reply

    My brother woke up;he wasn`t in a good mood.

  13. indie Reply

    The girl got out of bed at 2:00 in the morning; she didn’t feel happy at all.

    The girl went to the sea side and got an ice cream ; she didn’t like it very much.

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