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The Water Cycle

We’ve been learning all about the Water Cycle this week – can you remember what happens in each of the stages?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    The sea turns into condensation (clouds) it precipitates (rains, snows or hails) goes down into a river an then into sea ; again and again and again and again and again

  2. leo Reply

    The water envaporates and turns into gas then it condensates (the clouds) it precipitates (rains , hails or snows) into the sea/water ; also when it rains it can run off which is were the water falls on to dry land and dribbles down into the water.

  3. Euan Reply

    First the water turns into gas and goes up in the clouds and this is called evaporation.When the wind blows the cloud it moves above the sea or water and drops down and turns back to water and that is called condensing and it all happens all over again.

  4. Max.P Reply

    The water from the oceans evaporates into gas and floats into the air. Then it condensates and turns into clouds. After that, the water in the clouds precipitates (rains, but sometimes freezes and becomes hail or snow) back into the ocean. When the water lands on the ground, it either soaks into the ground and travels to the ocean that way, or it creates a small river or stream leading down to the ocean.

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