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Sentence homework

Please post your sentence homework (when you have it ready) in reply to this blog Class 6! – Miss Land.

PS. I hope you have all had an adventurous week off!

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  1. Jasmine N Reply

    Park grove school is really fun with our headcheaer called miss sawyer we have good assemblies with miss sawyer we do fun actives in our class. Our teacher is miss land she’s a nice favourite subject is art maths english and science

  2. Jacob A Reply

    These are my sentences.


    1. Scientists have discovered a new,Earth-like planet,the amazing Kepler-78b.
    2.The solar system is not only made of 8 planets and the sun,but also millions of asteroids and 3 dwarf planets.
    3.The highest mountain in the solar system is the massive Mt. Olympus Mons, an extinct volcano on Mars.

  3. Abigail Dunlop Reply

    I like art because it is interesting.
    I like swimming and playing in the pool.
    I like going to the cafe ,in Haxby,and helping them tidy up.

  4. Ralph Reply

    1. The canon was used to fire canon balls at advancing enemies and to knock down walls.


  5. Kian Kennedy Reply

    One Halloween night I went to a house, there was a pumpkin that was beaming at me like the sun. I knocked heavily on the door and I bellowed ‘’Trick or treat.’’ A man stood there in a potato costume, I almost wet my pants laughing so hard.

  6. Ralph Reply

    2. The sword was good at close range fighting.

    3. The crossbow was good at long range fighting and against

  7. Alexander Reply

    My three sentences (Geography)

    The atmosphere in earth contains lots of gases to keep our planet warm however the world is becoming hotter every year as we don’t treat it as well as we should. This may cause some countries in north africa to become hotter and drier and at the other side of the world it might become colder and wetter leading to animals losing their lives.We should become more environmentally friendly and ‘dream green’by cycling or walking to school,recycling paper, plastic, cardboard and cans and using less electricity.

  8. ellen (school concil rep) Reply

    do you like mine,
    It was a dull chilly day ,we spent the time wandering around Chester zoo cheerfully .
    The most exciting part was the bats , were they swooped around me in there dark gloomy enclosure!
    Amazingly the biggest bats have a wing span is about as wide as I am tall!

  9. Masha Reply

    On Thursday I went to Lauren and Layla’s Halloween party which was at Lauren’s house. I liked the party because it was fun and I especially liked trick-or-treating. We all were in scary costumes and knocked at doors shouting “Trick or treat?” It was very exciting! I got lots and lots of sweets!

  10. LAUREN Reply

    I’am starting to get to know a lot about guitar since going to my lessons on a tuesday.

    I know a lot about karate because one day i had a session and the girl told me some facts.

    my family love’s guinea pig’s because i have two of my own.

    ps.I had a lovely week thank you.:)

  11. Travis Reply

    Riot police wear a lot of heavy armour and gear to protect them during a riot. Police carry handcuffs to trap the suspects hand’s so they can not get away. The Police force are one of the few emergency service’s aloud to go through a red light, BUT only if they are in a emergency.

  12. class6 Reply

    Well done to those of you who have blogged your sentences! Great work. I will print them off when I have a few more…! Don’t forget that they are due in today. I do know that some children have had problems putting them up so if I know about you then don’t panic. If you could bring them in on a piece of paper instead that would be helpful. Thank-you! – Miss Land.

  13. Ben Bellerby Reply

    Since I started class 6 it has been fun for example yesterday at the workshop playing fun games then doing little plays about king Duncan dying in Macbeth and today doing about bodies.

  14. isabella Reply

    Penguins waddle funny and also have black and white feathers. They are birds and are shaped a bit like a torpedo. There body looks like that because they are built for swimming. 🙂

    • class6 Reply

      Isabella is really Millie!

      • jasmine powell Reply

        I loved this weeks homwourk.

  15. Tia Reply

    1.i like swimming at the swimming pool
    2.when it was Halloween I went trick a treating with my dad favourite subject at school is art because I like colouring

  16. jasmine powell Reply

    Fire works fire works shinning bright. Fly high in the midnight light. and down below a bright light shins to.

  17. Oscar Hamilton Reply

    I am writing about maths:
    1. There are lots of different types of maths.
    2. These include shapes,add,take away,times, divide,square rooting, loads!
    3. We have a maths target, mine is 4C (know all the times tables up to 10X10.

  18. Amalie Hind-Davis Reply

    To miss Land

    1. At halloween I went to Louie’s house and we all saw an 8 or 9 year old boy in his room doing rude signs at us!
    2. We also went to a elderly lady’s house and she had some extremely good homemade biscuits, witches, pumpkin’s and much more.
    3. My mum dressed up as zombie banana and my dad dressed up as a zombie hot dog!

    • class6 Reply

      Well done for getting your sentences written Amalie – Miss Land.

  19. olivia Reply

    1 In maths there are lots of different signs.
    2 In maths we have been investigating on different signs like = – + x and division.
    3 I really enjoy maths and it is fun. 🙂

  20. Kian Kennedy Reply

    It is fun putting up sentence : 🙂

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