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Shadow Puppets

We had such a great science lesson this afternoon!

Class 6 learnt about shadow puppets and made their own puppets using lolly sticks and cardboard. Then we used one of the puppets to conduct a cool shadow experiment. We moved the puppet nearer and nearer  to a light source and away from a white screen. We drew around the shadow that we created. Our results were very good! We found out that the nearer the puppet to the light source, the bigger its shadow.

Did you like the experiment Class 6?

– Miss Land.

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  1. Manon Hollingworth (Year 4 ) Reply

    I did! It was fun making the shadow puppets on our name sticks but I mostly enjoyed watching some of the class members measure the distance apart from the different fishes. 🙂 : ) 🙂 🙂 : )

  2. annabelle pug Reply

    puppets are creepy but I hope you had I fun time I was in class 5…
    we are 2 years in the future 🙂

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