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Shakespeare fun at the Theatre Royal!

Wow what an exciting start to this half term in Class 5! We were lucky enough to go to the York Theatre Royal this morning to take part in a fabulous drama workshop all about the fantastic Shakespeare play “MacBeth”.

We will be studying different Shakespeare plays in our plays unit in English as well as learning about William Shakespeare himself in Topic sessions this half term.

What did you enjoy most about this morning?!


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  1. Timo Little Reply

    Wow indeed Mr Mastrelli.

    You have some fine actors in class 5. I had a fabulous time, although I was very bad at stop, go, jump, clap. Please thank class 5 for letting me come. It was great to meet so many of you. I am sorry I did not speak to you all but please be patient with me and hopefully I will get to know you all.

    • reuben Reply

      Thank you , i am amazing at Drama because i got a good work

  2. Sophie Reply

    I learnt that Macbeth was a play as well as a book and I really enjoyed the jump,clap,go and stop.
    I also enjoyed acting things out with my group.

  3. Logan clark Reply

    Ilove shakespear because of his play mcbeth i loved it!!!!!! I want to learn more about him. lol!!!!

  4. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I enjoyed the theatre a lot because we got to do lots of drama things. I learnt that Macbeth killed Duncan.

  5. MANI :) !!!!!!!!!!! Reply

    The EPICEST thing about theatre royal was doing the slow motion battle and stop,go,clap,jump was alright.Killing Duncan was cool though.

  6. Shannon Reply

    I enjoyed acting Mc Beth.
    Mc Beth killed the king of scotland it was so fun

  7. Sammy Salter and Onett Perera Reply

    We learned that Macbeth(a play that Shakespear wrote)has a friend called Banqoue and a wife called Lady Macbeth. We enjoyed the clap,jump,go,stop,game we had to do the intructions then we did the oppisites like clap= jump and jump=clap and go=stop and stop=go.

  8. Mollie Reply

    I apsolutely loved the trip especially the “Make me a…”game.In fact I loved EVERYTHING!!!!!!That was the best trip I have ever been to and I wish we could go again,it was that good.I was quite bad at stop,go,clap,jump because it was very confusing on both goes!It was soooooooooooooooooo great.
    I learnt about one of William Shakespeare’s,Macbeth,which was
    AWESOME!!!!I liked doing the slow motion game aswell.

  9. Charlie Reply

    I loved the trip to the drama work shop i loved the game make me a dagger fo example and it was sooooooooooooo great!!! 😉 🙂

  10. reuben Reply

    We did about the famous play by Mr William Shakespeare. It is caled Macbeth.I liked the jump, clap, stop and go. THANK YOU

  11. Betsy Reply

    I really enjoyed playing the game JUMP CLAP GO SPOT and making the play’s.

  12. ben and stan. Reply

    Stan and I had a billunt time at the theare royole I injoyed my self so much I wish I did the trip agen. We went to william shaksepeare work shop. We did so some seanse on macbeth

  13. Ella Reply

    I liked the stop,go,jump,clap. The mini performance of macbeth killing Duncan was ok but it wasn’t the best. Mr Mastrelli you were to fast at walking we couldn’t catch up with you. The picture thing where you have to be a picture in a group and with a partner. The modeling was awesome.

  14. Helen Reply

    I really enjoyed it.The best part of it was when we persuaded Rueben if he should kill King Duncan,or if he shouldn’t kill King Duncan.I had the best time ever thanks Mr Mastrelli. 🙂

  15. Freddie Reply

    williamshakespeare made some plays one about riched the III he wrote lots more. 🙂

  16. Owen Reply

    I loved the visit to the theatre royal!
    I learned that the play Macbeth was a tragedy and had a lot of
    intresting sound effects.
    I really enjoyed acting out a battle from he begenig of the play in slow motion.
    I also enjoyed acting out the murdering of King Duncan.
    I was Macbeth.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    We really enjoyed ating Machbeth we hade grops of five.

    We lernt the story of Maceabeath storty.

    From Harry and Lucas

  18. Elle Rigby and Sophia Suddaby Reply

    Elle RIGBY I had a great time at the theater. Guess
    What we did we did this game called GO STOP JUMP CLAP.
    SOPHIA SUDDABY, I learnt that Mac beth is play! I enjoyed playing the game.
    thankyou pta.

  19. Lewkas Reply

    I enjoyed the slow motion battle!The warm up was good too!I am lucky to know what valiant means,HAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

  20. Shannon Reply

    I loved it so much.

  21. Miss Sawyer Reply

    What a lot of excellent comments!!

  22. Sammy Salter Reply

    What I enjoyed the most was when we played that clap,jump,stop, go game it was epic!

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