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A Song for Park Grove!

You are all invited to write a set of lyrics for a song to celebrate Park Grove Primary School. The winning entrant will have their lyrics set to music and so your lines should have a good rhythm and preferably rhyme.

Your lyrics should include what you think is special about our school.

The closing date for entries is the first Friday back after Half Term so please get writing and blog your entries back to me…

Ms Campbell

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  1. Bethan (School council) Reply

    If you want to be so awesome you got to come to park grove,
    We have a great head teacher,
    She’s going to want to meetcha!

    We have lots of fun,
    But we get lots of work done,
    We have great education,
    You won’t want to leave for the station!


    If you’re here and new,
    the teachers will look after you,
    and so will the pupils too,
    they’ll help you fasten your shoe!


    Once your here,
    you won’t shed a tear,
    you will make lots of mates,
    we have lots of fates!


    • Amy Reply

      Bethan your song is great it probably took you a long time to do all that. Keep up the good work Park Grove, I like these songs they are brilliant.

  2. Millie Reply

    The first class is class 1 where they play a lot,
    The second class is class 2 where they run around all day,
    The third class is class 3 where the work starts to get harder,
    The forth class is class 4 where you always here them giggling,

    I will carry it on on another blog

  3. Mrs Ramli and Ms Lamb Reply

    Well done you two. Some great ideas. I love the ‘teacher,meetcha’ rhyme! I also like the idea of a different verse for each class. We do play in Class 1. What do you do in Class 8 I wonder?
    Can’t wait to hear all about it. Ms Lamb

  4. Amy tegetmeier Reply

    This isn’t about the school but I did it for fun! Its a rap about teeth – hope you like it

    Brush your teeth rap
    (made up)
    Amy: Artist
    Ivy, Amy: Lyrics

    If you don’t brush your teeth they won’t sparkle
    they will look a lot like charcoal
    your breath will smell
    your friends can tell
    that you didn’t use your tooth brush

    very well !

    you like our rap.

  5. Mrs Ramli and Ms Lamb Reply

    I really like your rap.
    I’d like to hear you and Ivy perform it. Do you fancy doing it in singing assembly sometime soon? Ms Lamb

    • amy Reply

      Well I’m quite stage frightend so is my sis but i might do it if some of our friends can help us if thats all right with you but maybe not. I might make more teeth raps soon.

  6. Holly Reply

    Jaimie and I made up some lyrics for the School song aswell

    Giving you the best opportunities here
    We’re unique with no uniform
    But thats the way we like to learn
    Because Park Grove’s the best!

    Verse 1:
    Theres no need to distress,
    The tidy classrooms are no mess
    Exciting homework, a healthy lunch
    When we work we do not hunch
    Because Park Grove’s the best!

  7. Bethan (School council) Reply

    on my one Nicole helped!

  8. Bethan (school council) Reply

    I think they’re all great and i hope you like mine!

  9. Morgan class 4 ( My big sister helped me ) Reply

    ( Chorus )
    Flowers ripe and beautiful
    1, 2, 3 petals and nectar that bees collect and make honey for me!

    Park Grove is the best and I know you think so too.
    When we’re good we get golden time.
    So we sit sensibly and listen,
    to the teachers when they’re talking.
    ( Chorus )

    • Bethan (School council) Reply

      Wow Morgan that is great!

  10. Bethan (School council) and Leila Reply

    Park grove were the best,
    So much better than the rest,
    were so very cool,
    we have a great school!

    We are amazing yea
    We are as cool as a bear
    Every one thinks so
    We perform lots of shows!


    We are so great,
    if you don’t believe us come along mate,
    All the kids have fun,
    If you come you will too hon!


  11. Bethan (School council) Reply

    Amy I will come up in singing assembly and perform it with you and Ivy!

  12. Bethan (School council) Reply

    Well done park grove all of these songs are FANTASTIC! Keep up the good hard work!

  13. Nicole Reply

    Wow these are SOOO good!!!

  14. Nicole Reply

    park grove, park grove, park grove is the best!
    park grove is way better than all the rest!
    it’s the best school!
    park grove is so cool!

    park grove park grove you’ll never want to leave! x2
    you will want to stay for ever! x2

    it’s so awesome in class 1
    we have so much fun!
    everyone’s helpful in class 2
    all will look after you!
    you’ll love it in class 3
    it is nice and arty!


    class 4s’ kids are so kind
    if you need help they won’t mind!
    class 5 is always happy
    and never ever snappy!
    in class 6 everyone’s your mate
    even when you’re late!


    class 7 is welcoming
    so you can just run in!
    class 8 is hard working
    in music they’re the king!
    class 9 is the one to be in
    if you want to want to win!

    CHORUS x2

  15. Anonymous Reply

    That’s kind Bethan.
    Good for you! I hope they take you up on your offer. Ms Lamb

  16. Nicole Reply

    These are all so good. I wonder which one will get chosen? I wouldn’t want to have to be deciding, because it will be very hard!

  17. Nicole Reply

    🙂 😀 :O 😛

  18. Erin Reply

    These are all awesome!

  19. Nikoo,Mae,Devi! Reply


    Park Grove primary
    such a good school to be in
    everyone`s friends
    everyone`s kind
    Park Grove primary

    Verse 1
    Park Grove primary
    everything you have been looking for
    come inside
    enjoy our song
    Park Grove primary


    Verse 2

    Park Grove primary
    creative lessons everyday
    meet new friends
    learn + play
    that’s what we do everyday


    Verse 3

    Park Grove primary
    we`re so different. It`s unique
    it`s outstanding
    It`s Park Grove!

  20. Darby, Ellie, Amira and Lauren! Reply

    We are Park Grove school
    nothing can stop us x2
    we are park Grove school
    no one can top us x2.

    Verse 1
    Poems about collective nouns
    stories about ghostly grounds
    drawing,doodling in maths and such
    nobodys gonna wanna challenge us.

    Verse 2
    Unicorns,cacti and creative things
    but when its assembly its time to sing
    there’s things to do all around,reading,sports which is espcially cool!

    Verse 3
    Lunch time, play time is always a laugh ,
    we do P.E,swim at yearsley baths
    All day every day its lots of fun
    we’re tired and full of knowledge when the day is done!.

  21. Toby & Max.P Reply

    VERSE 1

    Hey! We are Park Grove!
    We include everyone we know!
    Hey! We are Park Grove!
    We’re kind and we care, and we’re creative SO!


    We learn Maths, English, Science and P.E.
    So come along with me and you’ll be ready for your GCSE’s!

    VERSE 2

    Hey! We are Park Grove!
    We’re the best school you’ve ever known!
    Hey! We are Park Grove!
    We’re the most excellent school you’ve ever been shown!


    VERSE 3 (Rap)

    We’re so awesome oh you can’t top us,
    If you think you’re better then go and catch a bus,
    Come and visit us oh we’re the best school,
    You’ll be running home yeah, we’re so cool!
    But the best thing of all,
    We’ve got NO UNIFORM!!!

  22. Nikoo+devi Reply


    Park Grove primary is the best,
    so much better than the rest!
    All the teachers are here to help,
    there`s no need to yelp yelp yelp!

    Verse 1

    The lessons are really entertaining,
    while the children are amazing!
    The teachers are extremely fun.
    Stop, don`t run!


    Verse 2

    Friends are really easy to find,
    because everyone`s extremely kind!
    We have really nice teachers,
    they all want to meetcha.


    Verse 3

    Don`t worry if your new,
    the children will look after you.
    No uniform we`re not the same,
    because of these we`re not lame!

    [tune of Thomas tank engine]

  23. leo ,lydia, huw ,amy Reply

    verse 1

    I was walking down the street and guess what I saw?
    I saw my mate Tony knocking on my door.
    He said `there is a school and it’s called Park Grove`
    So i left my old place and this is what I chose


    This is the school I was lookin’ for , init!
    If there was a prize for kindness we would win it!
    We`re creative and cool and we love to learn
    We keep on working till the end of term
    This is the school I was lookin’ for, init!
    Park Grove, Park Grove

    verse 2

    We got core values ; this is what they are
    We’re creative individuals that’s just the start.
    We also have inclusion , excellence and fun.
    We got more qualities as well, but too many to tell.


    verse 3

    PG is our school and do ya`know it rules,
    We do English, Maths and Science in lots of different ways.
    We act, do drama and star in plays.
    We’re Scientific , terrific and always specific.


  24. Rudy Alfie Piran Eddie Reply


    We’re eating from the pack up yum (repeat yum x18),
    All the work we do,the pressure’s on me,
    To make ourselves better, to be the best we can be,
    We’re eating from the pack up yum (repeat yum x18).

    Verse 1,

    We are individuals,
    We have no uniform,
    Yet we still have to stay in form,
    This shows it’s Park Grove (x3).


    Verse 2,

    We are the sporty people,
    Morning noon and night,
    Cricket,tennis and football,
    This shows it’s Park Grove (x3).


    Verse 3,

    PG pupils were meant to fly,
    Work up to get a level 5,
    Lets try to make our teachers cry because we are stars,
    This shows it’s Park Grove (x3).


    Verse 4,

    Talk smart to me,
    Teach work to me.

  25. Caleb, Euan, Tom Reply


    So good at sports,we’re getting super reports.
    If you dismiss the Teacher will hiss.
    When school has begun the fun will settle the sun.


    Here are the core values
    Ex Ex Excellence, In Inclusion, Individuality,
    Crea Creativity, Finishing with fun


    School isn’t a cell its doing really well.
    it’s in form of our uniform.


    What does the teacher say?
    Good work! Good work! Good work!

  26. Martha,Ellie and Katie Reply


    verse 1:

    we like maths and sports galore,
    but we like making friends much more.
    Art and English is our game,
    and none of us are all the same.


    verse 2:

    park grove school has no uniform,
    if you don’t come here you’ll wish you weren’t born.
    we have lots and lots of fun,
    in thunder,lightning or in sun.


    verse 3:

    class 1, class 2,class 3 and 4,
    there are so many more,
    class 5,6,7,8,9,
    we are so,very divine.

    chorus :x4 (harmony comes in here)



  27. Max Sam Morgan Reply

    We like to play sports,
    we get good school reports,
    our individuality helps us move on ,
    and it really helps that we have no uniform,
    and our creativity helps us write these whack rhymes,
    c’mon bro, get with the the times.

    Verse 1
    Football is a sport we adore,
    dancing is something, we don’t ignore,
    when we’re playing football we like to score,
    we show our moves on the dance floor,
    we got the skills in basketball and netball,
    but quite honestly, we love them all.

    Verse 2

    Individuality, one of our core values,
    listen to this rap, and you’ll get all the news,
    our individuality is something we need,
    but it isn’t something that helps us read,
    it helps us express ourselves nd helps us become,
    the people that we are, words of wisdom bruvv.

    verse 3

    Creativity, a superb attribute,
    if you want to buy this skill, we will just refuse,
    if you want to create, come to park grove,
    you’d also better come if you want to learn loads.

  28. Bethan (School council) Reply

    P.G rap!
    If you say awesome I know what you mean,
    you mean P.G who are always very keen,
    we are just amazing if you get where I’m going,
    were Park Grove and we keep the work flowing!

    The teacher are always very proud,
    cause we have a lot to say and we say it out loud,
    we have disco’s and a lot of lovely fares,
    we help each other it’s like Santa’s lair!

    Were are naturally cool,
    we are a great school,
    we have lovely lovely teachers and classes one to nine,
    and the pupils are all very very fine!


  29. mae Reply

    wow! i like yours nikoo+devi!

  30. Nikoo Reply

    Thanks Mae

  31. Miss Tilbury (School Council Link Governor) Reply

    These are amaaaaaaazing!!!!! Feeling soooo proud to be a Park Grove Governor!!!

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