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Sports Day

Wow what a fantastic morning of sport, Class 5! You all were well behaved and performed superbly in your sporting events.

Which event or events did you enjoy? How did you get on?!

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  1. Chelsea Reply

    I really enjoyed 200m because every one was cheering for us. I think I came 10th or 11.

  2. Onett Perera Reply

    I loved the hurdles because it was the most
    exciting event out of all the three. However
    I did not win the event.

  3. lewkas Reply

    I enjoyed the hudles best!

  4. Lucas Reply

    I really enjoyed beat the goalie(;

  5. reuben pugh Reply

    I relay enjoyed sports day. 200m was amazing as it was neck a neck fighting for third place. Me vs Elle but i came 4th

  6. Ella Reply

    I enjoyed the javaling because i did best on that event.

  7. Scarlet Fulford Reply

    I rely laced the triple jump and hurdles but I dident lace beat the gowly.

  8. Sam Salter Reply

    My 3 events were javelin,400 meters and netball but my favorite was javelin because I won a silver sticker!

  9. Mollie Reply

    I loved doing javelin because it was very fun trying to get different amounts of points.

  10. Mani Reply

    I got into the finals of the hurdles but came 5th. 🙁

  11. stan Reply

    I carn’t belive I got 3rd in shockput

  12. lucy Reply

    Sports day was amazing, we did lots of enjoyable things like running, throwing and lots more!My favorite part of sports day was the athletics at the end.

  13. Betsy Leach Reply

    I loved sports day and think that it is more challenging than KS1 sports day.

  14. ben Reply

    i came 2 in penalty shoot out and can not wait to find out who wins.

  15. Harry Metcalf Reply

    I did netball,shot put and 50m.
    I came 4th in shot put 9th in netball.
    50m was awesome because everybody was cheering for me and i came 1st.

  16. Freddie Reply

    I liked the javelin. 🙂

  17. Helen Reply

    I loved ball shot and I came second in 50m sprint!

  18. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I enjoyed javelin, bean bag in the hoop and especially 50 meters because I love running and racing.

  19. sophia suddaby Reply

    I enjoyed sports day and my favourite activity was the netball one.I got 1 through in the goal.

  20. Ellle Reply

    I’m GLAD I came 3rd in the 200m race!

  21. Millie Reply

    I also enjoyed hurdles because I could hear loads of people cheering for me (especially Lucy) and because I won third place!

  22. Charlie Reply

    I liked the 200m dash because i was at the back and harpers shoe flew of and i was behind him.

  23. Sara Reply

    I really enjoyed the sports day especially 50m race.
    I wish that i played netball,i thought that netball is boring but when i saw the people playing i knew that it is good.

  24. Joe A Reply

    I enjoyed the 200M race because it was really fun because we all went at the same time.

  25. Logan Reply

    I enjoyed the hurdles :);):0

  26. minnie Reply

    I enjoyed sports day and my favorite sport was the hurdles even though I didn’t win anything.

  27. Sara Reply

    I have got a golden sticker in (Bean bag and a hop).

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