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Sports Day…

Well done, Class 8, for all your brilliant efforts in our sports day morning! Which event did you enjoy the most?

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  1. Layla Reply

    I enjoyed the 50 meter sprint the most.

  2. mae Reply

    i really enjoyed doing climbing

  3. Joseph Reply

    I enjoyed the javelin. I came 4th

  4. Jake Reply

    my favorite event was relay as i came second yeah

  5. Klaudia Reply

    I liked climbing best.

  6. libby Reply

    my favorites were climbing and rely

  7. Jacob Reply

    My favorite event was the 400 meters.

  8. Katy Reply

    I enjoyed the 50 meter sprint best as I got 2nd place yet also really enjoyed it alot! 🙂

  9. Zuzanna Reply

    I mostly enjoyed the 50m race and climbing.

  10. lucas Reply

    running 400m

  11. Molly Reply

    i enjoyed climbing the most.

  12. Dan Reply

    my favorite was beat the goalie because Mr stoner was sooooo good in goal!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  13. Ava Reply

    I enjoyed the relay the most!

  14. ade Reply

    My favourite event was running.

  15. Tomas Reply

    I enjoyed both, beat the goaly and 400m race as i came second in both of them

  16. Tom.C Reply

    i enjoyed doing beat the goalie because i came joint second with Tomas.

  17. Holly Reply

    I enjoyed all of it, every heartbeat and every step of every race.

  18. gaurie Reply

    Watching the parent race.

  19. Jaimie Reply

    I loved the relay a lot more than I thought I would because it was competitive and really fun! 🙂

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