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  1. Alexander Reply

    My project is finally finished!

    • class6 Reply

      Looking forward to seeing it Alexander! – Miss Land

      • Alexander.S Reply

        Thanks Miss land

        • LAUREN Reply

          dear Alexander,

          i see you talk to miss land quite a lot on the school website.

          • class6

            You can talk to me too Lauren! – Miss Land.

    • millie Reply

      Hi Alexander Its Me Millie

      • Alexander.S Reply

        You are strange Millie

        • LAUREN Reply

          Dear Alexander i saw your reiple to mille that she is srange on the school web site.I am couting the days till your birthday see you in class on monday.18 oct

      • LAUREN Reply

        hi millie it’s lauren from class what are you doing?

        18 oct

  2. Travis Reply

    The trip was epic Mrs Land.

    • class6 Reply

      I’m glad you had a fun time, the pictures are great! – Miss Land.

  3. Travis [ school councle} Reply

    why are we starting another project this is fast?

    • class6 Reply

      All of Key Stage 2 are Travis! You have 3 weeks to do it – Miss Land.

    • LAUREN Reply

      Hi Travis

      from lauren charlesworth

  4. Travis Reply

    ok thanks!

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