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Stone Age Timeline

We have started our new topic this term on Ancient Britain by finding out about significant events from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. These important facts were represented clearly on accurate timelines by everyone in Class 8!


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  1. Sophie Reply

    The Stone Age timeline informed me on the different happenings in the Stone Age era and I have learnt a lot from this session.

  2. Reuben Reply

    I am feeling confident about the Stoneage era 🙂

  3. Mollie Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed this task as I really like doing timelines for history!

  4. Laura Allison Reply

    I loved this timeline as it was a historical one with lots of events happening. Like a jam packed schedule!

  5. millie rose larbey Reply

    At the start of the lesson i did not understand but when we had to put them in order with our partner and discuss about we just had to copy it in and this has taught me a little bit about the stone age also i love this being our topic thanks:)

  6. Ralph Reply

    I enjoyd this sesion becas i enjoy doing time lines

  7. Annabelle.M Reply

    This was a great session as it helped me with my understanding of the stone age .

  8. joe Reply

    I’m really enjoying learning about the Stone Age and I can’t wait to do another session on it.

  9. callie Reply

    This lesson was really fun and I learnt a lot about the stone age from as well. I love making timelines because they teach you a lot and they are really fun as well.

  10. Ella! Reply

    I wish I was there 🙁

    • Ella! Reply

      It sounds so fun!

  11. Sophia Reply

    I am pleased to say that my timeline is much better than last year! Last year part of it was backwards!

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