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Homework Project…

Your next project will have a Stone Age Maths theme! We would like you to write at least three Maths word problems related to the Stone Age. You can make them as challenging as you wish, however please remember that each question must make sense and be possible to answer by your classmates! In addition, we would like you to bring a separate piece of paper with the answers to your questions.
Here is an example of a Stone Age word problem: During a Y5/6 trip to a cave, Class 8 discovered 2,688 pieces of gold and Class 9 discovered 1,510 pieces of gold. How many more pieces of gold did Class 8 discover?
We would like this piece of homework to be completed by Friday 18th November, when we will solve each other’s word problems in class! Please note you only have one week to complete this task!

About the Author
  1. rosa carter

    Looking forward to working these out with Mum while she has her feet up (broken ankle!).

  2. Mollie

    I had lots of fun making my word problems! I mostly took inspiration from pictures I found on the internet, which really helped! 🙂

  3. minnie

    Well done, all of your maths word problems were successful stone age workings.