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Strictly Gymnastics

There were plenty of tens from Len this afternoon as we performed our gymnastics routines in pairs and groups. We had scorecards, festive music and gave marks for balance and musicality.  A huge congratulations to everyone – your routines were a-mazing!!

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  1. Chelsea Reply

    I thought that every one did really well and the most fun thing that I liked was the score cards.

  2. louie powell Reply

    It was really good fun!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oscar (school council) ;D Reply

    Here’s what I say to Helen and Millie’s performance:
    Where’s the 11 card?!?!

    I thought everyone did awesome, well done! ;P ;D 😉

  4. Harry Reply

    I really liked everyone’s performance

  5. Molly Reply

    It was very fun and I really liked Millie’s & Helen’s dance

  6. Kian Reply

    Well done everyone you did great!

  7. Helen Reply

    I liked everybody’s performances they were outstanding.Me and Millie got 10 for both of them!

  8. Masha and Harry Reply

    We really enjoyed watching everyone.WELL DONE!

  9. Sara Reply

    i liked everyone’s performance. you did a great job.

  10. Travis Reply

    The performance’s were AMAZING! Yeah,you heard me, AMAZING! :3 😀

  11. Mollie (school council) Reply

    I think everyone did a great job with their routines. 🙂

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