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Super Supreme Party Planners!

Today in maths we have been planning our own brilliant Christmas parties using our mathematical skills in real life situations. Our pairs worked fantastically together with amazing success!

Class 9 – What did you enjoy about this? What did you learn about party planning?

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  1. Elle ?

    Wow – that was a brilliant blog as I know for a fact that Kian & Ben did that blog! Well done!

  2. Elle ?

    I ?ed all the fantastic photos of everyone working collaboratively together,it shows we have great cooperation and teamwork.

  3. Elle ?

    I found this extremely challenging – real life situations with money, time and lots more,can be difficult.I am glad that I’m prepared for anything that could happen in real life.

  4. Elle ?

    This was a great lesson that we can all learn from when we become older and have to solve real-life problems.

  5. Elle ?

    It was great training for us and for our A-levels and GCSEs-even though that’s in a long time!