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Don’t Stop The Party!

We had a fantastic Stone Age themed Christmas party on Tuesday. The morning was filled with fabulous Stone Age activities including cave painting and testing puzzles. After lunch the children changed into their party outfits and costumes and took part in the thrilling ‘rock, paper, scissors’ KS2 final, pass the parcel, dancing and eating lots of lovely food.


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  1. Cora Wareh Reply

    I really enjoyed this Stone Age party- the dancing, the food, and particularly the Elsa contest which my friend, Warqaa, won.

  2. Annabelle.M Reply

    I found this the best Christmas party ever! There were so many enjoyable things to do !

  3. Marcus Reply

    I really really enjoyed this party! I stuffed myself with food and had a nice little dance…

  4. pujani Reply

    I really enjoyed the christmas party! I also liked looking at the different stone age costumes.

  5. rosa Reply

    I loved it, but Bailey was ill!:(

  6. Sophie Reply

    Everyone looked great in their outfits and I think we all had lots of fun doing all five activities.

  7. H@rley N Reply

    I really enjoyed this christmas/stone age party on tuesday morning and afternoon,i loved the music (DJ’d by Mr.Mastrelli).

  8. joe.a Reply

    The party was so fun,my favourite part was pass the parcel because it was really fun and exciting.

  9. Poppy Walker Reply

    I loved this seeing everybody dress up as a stone age person and I won the rock,paper and sissors competition.

  10. Laura Reply

    Your outfit was hilarious and it made everyone laugh throughout the WHOLE afternoon. 😀

    • Warqaa Reply

      Yep haft to agree

  11. lucia Reply

    I really enjoyed the stone age party!! the games where quite fun. I particularly enjoyed the dance-off:-) !

  12. Livy Reply

    I absolutely loved the Christmas party! The funnest part of the Christmas party when all the classes played pass the parcel.

  13. junior Reply

    the party was very fun

  14. lucas Reply

    The party was mint. My favorite bit was the FOOD by miles. Also, it was my last one so I enjoyed it even more than any other Christmas party.

  15. reuben Reply

    Wow! What an amazing day. It was so fun and lively but my favorite activity was the rock, paper, scisors tournement. I got to the semi finals! Plus, all the food in the afternoon was extreemly tasty; yum!

  16. Isidora Reply

    I loved dancing at the end and eating grapes and pringles with my friends. This was my faviroute by far! ^.^

  17. Ella! Reply

    I really enjoyed the christmas party. All the activities in the morning were really fun and in the afternoon, the activities were really fun. It was really fun!

  18. callie Reply

    I really enjoyed this party. I’m sad it’s my last one at Park Grove.

  19. Logan Clark Reply

    Mr Mastrelli looked really cool/funny and i had a rocking good time 🙂

  20. millie rose larbey Reply

    I love these days and as it was our last one i really enjoyed it.

  21. connor Reply

    I loved the party.

  22. ralph Reply

    I loved the party it was so fun!

  23. George Reply

    I liked doing the rock,paper,scissors tournament and enjoyed doing the tricky,challenging puzzles.I also loved doing pass the parcel as a class.

  24. minnie cotton Reply

    my costume was great and so was everyone elses in the picture above. The party was great , thankyou for all the lovely food everyone!I loved the pass the parsle game when Lucia won a bag of rocks!

  25. Betsy Reply

    I had loads of fun at this christmas party and loved seeing everyone’s fantastic costumes and amazing dance moves. I am also quite sad that it was my last one at Park Grove!

  26. Sophia Reply

    The party was awesome, I loved every second!The food,competitions,dancing and singing,every element brought a smile to my face!

  27. rosa Reply

    lovely picture!

  28. Natasha Reply

    I liked the party as it was great seeing everyones cost times.

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