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Coming Home!


On Monday we created the last three stanzas to the Michael Morpurgo book, ‘ Coming Home’. It was an enjoyable lesson and everyone loved using the poetic (but not completely) style of the author. This was a very creative lesson with lots of vivid description. Another great part was the Waitrose advert that we got to watch as it was based on the book and helped us imagine what the bird had seen and gone through!


About the Author
  1. Annabelle.M

    I found that i got to express my creativity in my favorite area of english,poetry … 🙂 !

  2. Ella!

    I really enjoyed this lesson as we got to be really creative!

  3. reuben

    I very much so enjoyed the poetry work that we did. It was very imaginative and poetry is alot harder then you first think.

  4. Sophie

    I’m sure the poem was lovely and you all had a great time writing the end of it.

  5. Cora Wareh

    This was particularly fun as I have never written poetry in the first person before, so this was a very big chance to describe feelings. I also enjoyed the repetition for effect (such as “Longing for my love, my love”.

  6. H@rley N

    I really love doing poetry and i was so excited and it was……. ‘FUN’!

  7. Laura

    Poor bird. Sad beginning with a happy ending

  8. Mollie

    I can’t believe I missed this lesson as it sounds really fun! Michael Morpurgo is really good author as well.

  9. rosa

    SOunded like fun but I was at young voices.

  10. lucas

    I really enjoyed doing the poetry because I like doing poetry. Also the favorite bit of the whole monday was that I had to do the poetry in Class 9 as well seems I didn’t go swimming.

  11. ralph

    I enjoyd this activity becos we had to yose poettry in a creativ way

  12. Isidora

    I love poetry so much because it is creative,fun and expressive!:)

  13. Isidora

    I love poetry so much because it is creative,fun and expressive! 🙂

  14. e.lawrence

    I really enjoyed this although I wasn’t expecting it!

  15. joe.a

    Creating the last three stanzas was very creative and I really enjoyed making them.

  16. Sophia

    I was at Young Voices so I missed this session but it sounds amazing and I would have loved to be there!

  17. Natasha

    I liked this session because I could use my imagination.

  18. callie

    I wish I was there

  19. George

    I had lots of fun watching this exciting video and it made me very enthusiastic when it came to writing the poem.

  20. Logan Clark

    I wasnt there but it sounds fun