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How did your first swimming session go?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    I liked everything we did, and all the assessments went really quickly. We did all the strokes, including butterfly!

  2. Elly Reply

    I was really impressed with how quickly we got through all the assessments really quickly as when i have been before it has taken ages.Once we actually started the lesson we did a few widths of each stroke and then played sharks and dolphins.

  3. stan Reply

    # Amazing.

  4. Cameron Reply

    Swimming is awesome and on the third week we got to jump in and I’m in the second group

    • Cameron Reply

      it was really fun

  5. kyle wilce Reply

    I liked it when we had to pick the brick of the floor of the swimming pool. It was very fun.

  6. Eddy Reply

    It was very very very very very AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Eddy Reply

    It was very very very very very AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  8. nicola Reply

    it was good 🙂

  9. Abi Reply

    It was great but I do not like water up my nose

  10. Cameron Reply

    I know it was brilliant

  11. Amalie Reply

    I liked the hole lesson because we had to grab the black brick and it was AWESOME!

  12. Sam Salter Reply

    It was EPIC!!!!!

  13. Ivy Reply

    The assessment’s went quickly which meant we got lots of time to swim, and we had a fun game of sharks and dolphins at the end.

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