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Table Tennis Final

It’s an all Class 8 final tomorrow. Do you have any words of encouragement for Jacob and William?

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  1. lucas Reply

    good luck too all

  2. libby Reply

    good luck to you both! 🙂

  3. mae Reply

    good luck!

  4. olivia Reply

    Just try your best and nothing will go wrong!

  5. zuzanna Reply

    Have a good time!

  6. Joseph Reply

    I don’t mind who wins and its not really the winning that matters, its also the taking part and having fun. 🙂

  7. Tom.C Reply

    I give my encouragement to both of you. It doesn’t matter who wins as long as you enjoy yourself (it’s a privilege to be in the final).

  8. Molly Reply

    think about the bat and ball not anything else you can do it!

  9. abby Reply

    i’m not a fan of table tennis but i am exited because its an all class 8 final!

  10. Katy Reply

    Do your best, you both deserve to be in the final and it is going to be a very close match and who ever wins will have deserved it.

  11. Jaimie Reply

    I think you can both win the trophy, but sadly, there can only be one winner. You both deserve it and I am ecstatic to find out who wins the title of the 2014 table tennis league grand final.

  12. dylan Reply


  13. Oleg Reply

    Have a nice time William and Jacob!

  14. jake Reply

    give it your best and hope for the best

  15. Ava Reply

    Both William and Jacob have done really well to get to the final!

    GOOD LUCK! 😀

  16. gaurie Reply

    both of them are epic players but I’m sure that it’s going to be some one from class8 🙂

  17. gaurie Reply


  18. Layla Reply

    I think they will both be good 😀

  19. gaurie Reply


  20. Holly Reply

    Don’t become vexed by the other player, or it may lead to exhaustion.

  21. Alexander Reply

    good luck don’t be too over comfident! 😀

  22. Molly Reply

    it was a good mach

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