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How did your first swimming lesson go? What do you enjoy about swimming?

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  1. olivia Reply

    I really enjoyed it, it was better than I thought!

  2. Klaudia Reply

    I enjoyed it but, I dont really know how to swim. I love being in water.

  3. Molly Reply

    i really enjoyed the swimming although we only had a little time in the pool

  4. mae Reply

    It was really fun, i can’t wait for next week.

  5. zuzanna Reply

    My first swimming lesson was AWSOME! I love swimming.

  6. Jaimie Reply

    My first swimming lesson was great. I am in the top group, but I am quite disappointed because I am the slowest. Over the weekends Holly and I did about 450 metres and I have done 800 metres before. My favourite stroke is breaststroke and my worst is butterfly.

  7. libby Reply

    I cant wait for next week ! πŸ™‚

  8. abby Reply

    i tried my hardest but i could have done a bit better!

  9. lucas Reply

    It was the best, i can’t wait too do my next lesson.

  10. Ava Reply

    I loved going swimming, it was so much fun! πŸ˜€

  11. Alexander Reply

    I really only swam for 5mins πŸ™ so for the rest of thge time was the groups to get right

    • Alexander Reply

      I’ve not swam for 4 months!

  12. Katy Reply

    My first session went well and can’t wait for next week as we are doing diving in our group.Our group is really small as it is only me and Mae!

  13. William Reply

    I had a fantastic time even though it was a bit cold!

  14. Jacob Reply

    I enjoyed doing back stroke

  15. Tomas Reply

    i love swimming! πŸ™‚

  16. dylan Reply

    it was great and i enjoyed it very much πŸ™‚
    (even though i have all ready forgot wich group im in!)

  17. Layla Reply

    I enjoyed everything about swimming.I think i was okay doing the first lesson.

  18. Joseph Reply

    I like doing breaststroke and front crawl because I think I am quite good at them. πŸ™‚

  19. tom Reply

    It was awsome

  20. gaurie Reply

    Mine was excellent and my favorite bit was actually getting in the water and trying to swim.

  21. Tom.C Reply

    I loved swimming yesterday. I got chosen to do single backstroke in a swimming Gala.

  22. Oleg Reply

    swimming was awsome!

  23. jake Reply

    the first lesson was great fun,i enjoyed the game sharks,mainly because i won.

  24. Holly Reply

    I lingered on to every moment!Although I didn’t have my hair tied back, it still proved to be brilliant. I like to feel the water lapping onto my face.

  25. Robby Reply

    I am excited about our next swimming lesson because we are gonna get in the pool and do swimming activities.

  26. Dylan Reply

    im excited because im gonna swim under water next week!:)

  27. jake Reply

    I don’t like swimming but the teachers made it more fun .

  28. Gaurie Reply

    I loved it. I so curious to know what we’re going to do next week πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  29. Gaurie Reply

    I mean I AM so curious

  30. Ade Reply

    I really lone swimming it’s just that i am mega slow.

  31. zuzanna Reply

    I love playing the game Mushroom (Mainly because I win) the point of this game is that the person who can stay underwater for the longest wins!

  32. zuzanna Reply

    Ade you lone swimming or did you mean love swimming?

  33. ade Reply

    This monday in my swimming group I did a backstroke without a float.

  34. Alexander Reply

    I enjoy swimming alot but i just wished there was more lessons πŸ™

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