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Grid Multiplication

How did you get on with the grid method today? What do you think you need to improve at with this method?

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  1. William Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the grid method especially when decimals were added in!

  2. zuzanna Reply

    I really like the grid method, I feel really confident with it.

  3. Jacob Reply

    I enjoyed liked doing the grid method.

  4. Tomas Reply

    I rely enjoyed it and I want do it again!

  5. Molly Reply

    i think i need to improve on is to draw the number grid more carefully and pace out my work so it is less squished together.

  6. mae Reply

    It was hard when we had to use decimals.

  7. libby Reply

    It would help if I know my higher multiplication numbers .

  8. Klaudia Reply

    I liked it,but some of them were bit tricky.

  9. Alexander Reply

    The grid method is my faveourite method because i think it’s easy to use and to understand

  10. Ava Reply

    I really enjoyed our maths lesson and I found the grid method quite easy but I have done it before. 😀

  11. gaurie Reply

    I need to make my answer boxes the on that you put the answer of the multiplication from the above and below.

  12. abby Reply


  13. lucas Reply

    I need to work on my three digit numbers on the grid

  14. Jaimie Reply

    I think I need to improve my presentation skills for the numbers were squashed together.

  15. Ade Reply

    I think the multiplication grid is quite easy for me.

  16. jake Reply

    I need to split numbers up to make it easier for my self.

  17. Layla Reply

    I enjoyed doing the grid multiplication but i found it a bit tricky 😀

  18. Holly Reply

    I enjoyed the method, but need to improve at solving questions with decimals (7.5).

  19. Joseph Reply

    I like using decimals like 0.50, 0.75, 0.125, 0.25 ect.

  20. Molly Reply

    it’s ok 🙂

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