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What was the most interesting fact you learnt this afternoon?

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  1. Bethan (School council) Reply

    I found out that a tiny snake can eat a whole egg!

    • Sam Reply

      I found out a snake can eat an entire deer!

  2. Aidan Reply

    I found out that most reptiles don’t bother chewing on their food! I mean that’s insane!

  3. george Reply

    I found out that sharks have layers upon layers of teeth,so if one of the teeth breaks they can easily replace it!

  4. molly Reply

    I cant believe that reptiles dot swallow there food at all

  5. mae Reply

    I didn’t know about most things but that tiny snake really surprised me it ate a hole egg!!!

  6. Marshall Reply

    It’s weird that snakes can eat a big egg all at once without chewing!!!!

  7. William Reply

    I found out that eat their food then they sick it back up eat it again:D

  8. Nicole Reply

    I learnt what elephants’ teeth look like. I thought they were a lot of teeth close together, but they are actually big bars of WAVY TEETH!!! Cool!!!

  9. Moya Reply

    I learnt that elephants live longer than their teeth and that is one reason why they starve!

  10. Thisen Reply

    I learnt that elephants have large teeth,which are wavy it’s just AWKWARD!!!

  11. Isabella Reply

    that a tiny snake can eat a shelled egg. yukk!

  12. Katy Reply

    I found out about how some animals can chop a tree down using only their teeth! AMAZING!!!!!! 🙂

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