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Teeth Homework

Have you thought of an interesting question for your homework on teeth?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    My question is: What do different teeth look like?

  2. Darby Reply

    I think i have thought of a good and intresting question for my homework.

  3. Lauren Myers Reply

    For my homework my question is How many roots do teeth have?.

  4. Lydia and Eddie Reply

    What are all the different purposes of teeth?

  5. indie Reply

    i am still thinking of a question but i know how i am setting it out.

  6. Leila Reply

    I have thought of a question and a good way to anwser it.

  7. Amira Reply

    I don’t really know what question to base my work on but once I’ve decided I can’t wait to present it and show it to the class.

  8. Lydia Reply

    I’ve done: How did Tudors treat their teeth? :):):)

  9. Toby Reply

    I’m really looking forward to doing this homework but I’m a bit stuck on what question to do. I’m also still trying to decide if I want to do it technically or pen and paper style……

  10. Ellie Reply

    I think I have a good idea of what I am doing and i have a question.

  11. Sam Reply

    How many sets of teeth do we have?

  12. Ellie P Reply

    Why are teeth important?

  13. huw Reply

    I am going to do lots of questions about teeth.

  14. Martha Reply

    I know what question I am doing and it is:How many teeth do some mammals have?

  15. Max Rigby Reply

    I am thinking about of a question but i think i know how i am going to lay it out.

  16. piran Reply

    i have only got my homework sheet today but it is which animal has the sharpest teeth and more questions

  17. Max Rigby Reply

    I am thinking about a question but i think i know how i am going to lay it out.

  18. Oliver Reply

    How many teeth with baby teeth and adult teeth altogether?

  19. Bethan (school council) Reply

    Mine is what are all the different teeth!?

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