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Tests and more tests

How did you feel about the assessments this week?

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  1. Caleb Reply

    I think iI did really well.

  2. Bethan Reply

    Tests are ok! They’re not as scary as they seem! Well Done Caleb!!! 🙂

    • Caleb Reply

      Thanks a lot Bethan!!

  3. Emma Reply

    Yeah they’re ok! I find it quite hard. I got a low score 🙁

  4. Aruma Reply

    I think they are very easy. 😀

  5. lauren Reply

    i love doing test but they can be hard

  6. Elly Reply

    I think I did really well on my Reading Paper But not as well on my Maths papers.

  7. Nikoo (school council) Reply

    I think i did well.

  8. Euan Reply

    I got a high score but they weir hard.

  9. Martha Reply

    I think I did brilliantly although I did find some questions a bit hard.

  10. Eddy Reply

    I thought It was quite easy and I was realy good at it!

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