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The Extra Mile File

Hello everyone!

Class 6 have really been going the extra mile over the last two weeks!

We have an ‘Extra Mile File’ in class where work that children have completed at home gets put.

Class 6 children have been bringing lots of interesting extra pieces of work into school!  The special file sits on top of our bookcase in the book den so if you would like to read some of the children’s fascinating work, please come into Class 6 to have a look through it.

Well done everyone who has contributed so far! You are brilliant!

Have a happy weekend,

Miss Land.

PS: Can you all please hope for good weather for us at High Adventure next week!

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  1. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I will hope for good weather as well as you.

    • class6 Reply


  2. Freya Reply

    I hope I will get time to make something for the Extra Mile File.:)

  3. Sophie and Isobel Reply

    I enjoyed looking at the brilliant work that class 6 has provided!!

  4. Ellie Reply

    Did you have weather at highadventure?

  5. Ella Reply

    I will try to bring in something. I have a plan on what to bring in.

  6. Reuben and Elliot Reply

    There is a lot of interesting things in the extra mile file.

    I like the extra mile file.

  7. Logan and Beatrice Reply

    I will bring my dino fact in :):)

  8. minnie Reply

    I havn’t put anything in it but will soon.

  9. Morgan Reply

    I realy like doing the exta mile file because it gives me a chants to share my work.

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