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The final countdown…

Well the final day at High Adventure arrived, which brought its own challenges with it…packing bags, finding the owners of the mountain of clothes left in the drying room and cleaning rooms!

After all this, we had one last morning of activities to enjoy with our groups, and the special thing about these activities were that rather than being about trying something new, they were all about team building and working together. These included Hook-a-fish, a ‘moon walk’, pipe building and also archery again to everyone’s excitement. 

It’s been an absolutely fantastic week with its own unique, unforgettable experiences. The Year 6’s have helped, encouraged and most importantly enjoyed their time with each other – and all have fantastic stories to tell! A massive thank you to everyone at HA!?

Year 6’s – what are your favourite moments from High Adventure?

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  1. Manon

    I loved every minute! It was sad leaving though. I remember getting a bullseye! There’s a picture of me!

  2. kian

    It was really sad to leave as that week will always be one of my best.

  3. Alexander Savkovic (playground buddy)

    I was sad when I left High Adventure but the memory will always be in my brain! 🙂

  4. polinastankova

    I hope that high adventure will be very fun for when the year 5s go next year.I hope that when i go to high adventure next year i will come back with a big happy face!:)