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The Five Biscuits…

Today you wrote about a story involving five biscuits as part of your Exciting Writing task. What was the role of the biscuits in your story?

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  1. mae Reply

    The boy in my story had to bake five biscuits.

  2. William Reply

    Personally I really enjoyed writing these stories mine was about a biscuit thief!

  3. Jacob Reply

    There was a biscuit factory in my story.

  4. Jaimie Reply

    My biscuits were part of a land called Biccyland and I was Crumble the custard cream. My story was called ‘The return of the cookie monster’.

  5. Dan Reply

    well its a bit like jack and the beanstalk insted of magic beans it is magic biscuits but the story is good:)

  6. Gaurie Reply

    my biscuits were mysteriously dissapearing ( being eaten alive by a lady called Mrs Mathews ) and a biscuit detective has to find out who it is.:)

  7. Joseph Reply

    In my story the biscuits go on an adventure…

  8. lucas Reply

    Something was stealing the biscuits

  9. Alexnader Reply

    I enjoyed the exiting writing on Monday! it was short but Mr Mastrelli said so 🙂

  10. Ava Reply

    My story was called Sherlock and the great biscuit hoax!

  11. jake Reply

    John had a dream about a biscuit kingdom and could not get out so he found a portal and got home

  12. zuzanna Reply

    My biscuits were arguing who is going to be ate first!

  13. khai Reply

    i wrote my story about a scientist experimented on 5 biscuits i thought it was quiet funny at first but the i got into action and wrote a story.

  14. katy Reply

    My biscuits were the main characters in my story. they went on an adventure to become wild biscuits!

  15. Molly Reply

    it sounds exiting but i did not get to do it. 🙁

  16. Dylan Reply

    i liked writting about the biscits because i like biscits!:-)

  17. Holly Reply

    My story was very dramatic and bore the name The sphinx of buttercream biscuits. The story line was very detailed so I shan’t say all of what happened. Get ready to feel the vexed side of the almighty sphinx!

  18. Layla Reply

    My story was about a classroom adventure 😀

  19. Ade Reply

    My story was about 2 girls called Millie and Amelia and their biscuits get stolen.

  20. zuzanna Reply

    My story was about the biscuits having a argument about who will be ate first by Mr Mastrelli or Mrs Steel!

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