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Theatre Royal Partnership

Our Year  4 children are currently performing their ‘Play  in a Day’ at York Theatre Royal and I’d like to collect your thoughts on our partnership with the theatre this year.  Each class has had the opportunity to take part in some fantastic projects.  Which project did your class take part in, what were your highlights and what have you gained from taking part?

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  1. kyran Reply

    I think its well set out.

  2. tom Reply

    I really enjoyed making the map and acting

  3. aruma Reply

    I loved taking part and would like to do it again. I have gained confidence in acting and learned how to debate.

  4. Cameron Reply

    I thought it was awesome and I really recommend it to everyone in school and out school 🙂

  5. martina Reply

    I was in class 9, and we had to play role’s of different jobs and make an island. And debate weather we want the hotel it was so fun!

  6. Elly Reply

    My class took part in an ‘Island debate’, the highlight for me was when we got to pick our own jobs as you could then decide what you though your character would think about the building of a hotel on the island.From this workshop i learnt how to speak up and share my opinions.

  7. Ivy Reply

    I really enjoyed making the community island and you could have different jobs. Then there was a rumor about a hotel coming to the island and we all had a debate about whether we wanted the hotel or not. I really want to go again!

  8. leah Reply

    the best part was when we debated over the hotel.

  9. Stanley Reply

    I think its a great idea on the work shop it help people on there acting skills

  10. Euan Reply

    My highlight was when we drew a map of an island, then we got to pick our own jobs. 🙂

  11. Lilliana Reply

    I took park in the debate for a hotel. My favourite part was drawing the map then being a person on that map. I have gianed experience in what i may have to participate in in the future. . .

  12. Abigail Reply

    It was awesome i would like to do it again my highlitghts were making objects out of our bodys. [: [:

  13. joe Reply

    I loved the activities we did there !!

  14. Martha Reply

    We did an island debate about whether we should have a hotel on the island and we had to act in role of the person we were pretending to be. I enjoyed all of it and I learnt that things don’t always go your way because most of us said that we didn’t want the hotel but we still got it! :p

  15. Kyle Reply

    it was very fun, well we went to this workshop and we did this thing where we all made a massive map and we had to argue about to add a very bid hotel to get more people to live on our map.Obviously it was a map on paper we all got to draw on the map for example I drew a football stadium and i was a football manager for a specific football club.

  16. fletcher Reply

    the work shop was super duper fun and i really want to go again!

  17. ellie Reply

    I liked it when we did the debate deciding whether or not we wanted to build a hotel on our island we made.

  18. indie Reply

    I loved it.Did you enjoy it ?

  19. Zuzanna Reply

    I enjoyed acting at the end and entering the stage!

  20. lucas Reply

    I loved it all

  21. Ben and Louie Reply

    Ours was fun! 🙂 🙂

  22. Jacob Reply

    It was a very enjoyable experience.

  23. Jacob Reply

    It was a enjoyable experience.

  24. Holly Reply

    I think the experience was beneficial for me because I learnt a lot about persuasive writing and got a better understanding of how to interact with people around me. The day was fun and I took pleasure in all the activities we took part in.

  25. Betsy Reply

    The activities I did were sooo much fun!

  26. Alex Reply

    Thank you PTA! It was really enjoyable and lots of fun I’m sure lots of class 8 would have smiles on their faces!

  27. J@de Reply

    I enjoyed being there and it was so much fun

  28. Tomas Reply

    I absolutely loved it i would love to do it again.

  29. Dan Reply

    IT was a really good time LOL!

  30. Ade Reply

    I really liked playing the games.

  31. Travis Reply

    I loved doing the Balder story activities and using the masks! Really fun!

  32. gasu Reply

    We did the persuasive writing workshop and I enjoyed every bit of it

  33. Katy Reply

    I loved class 8’s theater trip and also enjoyed watching the Year 4’s ‘Play in a day’a big Well done to all the people involved the play! 🙂

  34. Sophia Reply

    I tryed very hard not to smile when I got shouted at by Alexander when he said I will eat you up!

  35. Ben and amber Reply

    I had fun and my favorite bit was the tree bit were we turned into trees= Ben

    Hope you had fun year 4= Amber

  36. Kian and Harvey Reply

    We loved doing a play in a day. The play was called ” Where The Wild Things Are”. We liked the bit when we had to hide from Alexander and come out then hide again.

  37. Molly Reply

    I really enjoyed doing’ where the wild things are’ and I loved it!

  38. Chelsea Reply

    I really enjoyed using the masks to make a person from the Baldor story but all of it was great.

  39. Onett and Jacob Reply

    We enjoyed doing the drama workshop; particularly performing the story as a play at the end. My favourite part was when we played splat (at the start).

  40. Millie poppy marcus alejandro Reply

    we all loved doing the play in a day because it was fun.

  41. junior and isidora Reply

    We really enjoyed the play in a day.

  42. Manon Hollingworth (Year 4 ) Reply

    I enjoyed performing the play in a day! 🙂

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