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Tour de France

What an incredible day for York! Why not share your Tour de France experiences here?

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  1. leo Reply

    i enjoyed watching it on tv i saw my house and saw the big old ww2 plane flying outside my flat

  2. rudy Reply

    i really enjoyed my time watching the cyclists go by and my favourite thing was the free things they threw out.

  3. dev Reply

    i waited for 4 hours to see it and i only saw the bikes for 10 seconds or something like that.

  4. Leila Reply

    I managed to get right at the front of the race course where it started literally next to the cyclists.

  5. Ailsa Reply

    Sadly i missed the tour de France, i don’t know if i was too late or too early but i went and held owls in the minster instead.

  6. Darby Reply

    I went into town yesterday. But unfortunately i missed the cyclists. It was so busy and it was hard to even get through the roads.

  7. Ellie P Reply

    I could hear the planes from my house in York. I wasn’t there but it sounded cool!

  8. Edward Reply

    I couldn’t believe the number of helicopters flying over us, and I was realy surprised to see the red arrows the day before. I t was so exciting

  9. Toby Reply

    I didn’t have chance to go since I was organising my Birthday Party :(. I still enjoyed watching it on TV thought. It looked very tiring. Allez Tour de France!

  10. cameron Reply

    I saw the bikers go past the minster and I enjoyed the red arrows and then I went
    home to watch it on tv after having a mac donalds

  11. Max R Reply

    I saw some cyclists and saw the world war 2 plane which was really cool.

  12. Amira Reply

    Unfortunately I didn’t go to see the cyclists but I heard free objects like hats and key rings were being thrown out into the crowd.

  13. Euan Reply

    It was great but I waited there for two hours, and then they went past in a matter of seconds! It was GREAT.

  14. Amy Reply

    I went to the Tour de france and it was worth waiting for 2hrs. I had fun because there were some pretty cool sponsers like, I got a haribo packet which was cool.

    p.s. The scariest thimg was that my foot nearly got run over by a cyclist!

  15. Lauren Reply

    On Saturday I was walking through town and there was loads and loads of people as there was a big van with a huge tv, with the Tour De France on.

  16. tom Reply

    I really enjoyed watching it live and the world war 2 Bomber and Spitfire was really cool

  17. piran Reply

    I couldn’t see the bikes because I was so far out butmy friends mum grabbed me and threw me on her back when I really didn’t expect it.

  18. Katie Reply

    I was watching the Tour de France standing on a wall, on Boothem, I saw the red spotted jersey and the yellow but I didn’t see the green one.

  19. Josh Reply

    it was good hope no one gets any injurys

  20. Ellie Reply

    I went to the grand depart at the race course and there was only one person in between me and the man wearing the yellow jersey.Also when the riders were signing in i have to say that Chris Froom definitely got the biggest round of applause.

  21. Martha Reply

    I only saw the helmets whizz by as it was very crowded.

  22. Lydia Reply

    I walked into town with my dad and sister at 11, just when it started at the Knavesmire. We came quite close to the bikes, but all I saw was the crowd’s heads! Well, at least we made the effort. 🙂

  23. indie Reply

    I watched it near my Granny’s house.I had to lean back it was that close. I saw Madame Steunou there with her daughter.Over all it was a good day out.

  24. Caleb Reply

    On the 5th of July I went to Harrogate and saw the finish of the first part. And the next day I stood outside the art gallery and my Dad bought me the fan pack!!

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