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Robin Hood and Friends

It’s our dress rehearsal and first evening performance tomorrow. How are you feeling and what are you most looking forward to?

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  1. dev Reply

    it was so good everything went so well

  2. ellie Reply

    I can’t wait I think it is going to be a great success.

  3. Darby Reply

    I really enjoyed the play this morning. It was nerveracking but fun i am excited for tonight performance.

  4. cameron Reply

    Can’t wait for tonight I’m thrilled

  5. Ellie P Reply

    I’m looking forward to performing in front of my parents! 😀

  6. Edward Reply

    I am so excited, I can hardly wait. I’m looking forward to seeing their expressions to mrs little john and friar tuck. It is going to be amazing

  7. Lauren Reply

    I’m not feeling so nervous as I only have one line, but I am looking forward to The Hot Shot song and The Locked up Blues.

  8. Amira Reply

    I felt nervous doing the play this morning but I think I’ll be more confident for the evening performance! Also, I’m looking forward to seeing what the parents think this evening.

  9. Leila Reply

    It was really good fun and I hope the rest of the school enjoyed it.

  10. rudy Reply

    I think we will amazing for the parents because all of the children love it when we performed.I am looking forward to when i do my solo.

  11. Morgan Reply

    It went perfecrtly.

  12. leo Reply

    I can’t wait for this evening it’s going to be great and hopefully I’ll get all the cues in time. what are you looking forward to this evening?

  13. Alfie Reply

    I can’t wait until tonight when we get to perform it for the parents.

  14. Max R Reply

    I can’t wait until this evening, it’s going to be awesome.

  15. huw Reply

    The play went brilliantly I think everyone really enjoyed it and I loved every minute of it.

  16. Toby Reply

    I’m having mixed feelings. It’s so exciting yet kinda scary. But the excitement overpowers the fright. Can’t wait for tonight!

  17. huw Reply

    Thank you Miss Bird for all the amazing propes and coustumes.

  18. Josh Reply

    The play went so well this morning hoping it will go well tonight

  19. rudy Reply

    thank you so much for making me that pillow it has really help me
    to perform better because i don’t have to worry about my cushion falling onto the stage thanks again.

  20. piran Reply

    I’m really looking forward to tonight,its going to be a spectacular play with all of the brilliant props and costumes made by Miss Bird.

  21. Katie Reply

    I can’t wait until tonight, it’s going to be amazing.

  22. Ellie Reply

    I was really excited and was glad to see that everyone remembered their cues.

  23. Euan Reply

    Thank you Miss Bird for helping 🙂 I can not wait till tonight to perform in front of the parents

  24. ellie Reply

    It is going to be great thanks to all the teachers who helped especially miss bird who sorted out all the costumes for us and she did lot’s of sewing.

  25. tom Reply

    The play is amazing I can’t wait when we do it in front of parents.

  26. Miss Bird Reply

    Thank you Class 8 for all your lovely messages! It has been great fun helping out with such an amazing play, you should all be really proud!

  27. class2 Reply

    It was a brilliant performance this morning, Year 5 and 6. We loved it, and I’m sure your families will too!
    Mr Baines

  28. Caleb Reply

    Everybody did so well!!

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