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Our topic this term is toys. We will be learning about toys, both old and new and looking at how they work.

What did your parents and grandparents play with when they were young? Are they the same as the toys you play with today?


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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    My favourite toy was my Snoopy!! Does anybody have a snoopy?

  2. Beatrice Reply

    My mum had Grandpa Watson’s train set, a fort and a dolls house. My dad had a lot of lego. My mum’s sister had a lot of My Little Pony. For Christmas one year she got something called My Little Pony Dream Castle. It came in such a big box that Grandma didn’t have enough wrapping paper. My mum also had a toy deer. Now it belongs to me.

  3. class4 Reply

    That’s great Beatrice that your kept her toy for you. I kept my Barbie dolls and clothes for my daughters and they enjoyed playing with them when they were younger. My youngest daughter also loved to play with lego, just like your dad, it just shows that some toys never go out of fashion.

  4. Isidora Reply

    My mum liked Playmobil when she was little. My dad liked playing with his tool kit when he was little.

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