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Trains and biscuits!

Class 6 had a fun and rather different from usual afternoon today!

The Year 3 children went to Class 5 and spent the afternoon with students from York University as part of the Children’s University project. The Year 3 children started to learn about transport and the history of trains. All of the children were very enthusiastic about their learning and are looking forward to the second lesson next Wednesday.

The Year 4 children stayed in Class 6 and started their Design and Technology project about biscuits. The Year 4 children researched biscuit preferences by conducting a survey and then sampled an array of biscuits which are available in the supermarket. They described their taste, appearance and texture.

What an exciting afternoon for us all!

– Miss Land.

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  1. Alexander (school council) Reply

    I really enjoyed it

  2. Manon Hollingworth (Year 4 ) Reply

    The biscuit lesson was the best lesson ever!

  3. Sophie Reply

    I agree Manon I’ve never eaten 12 biscuits at school!

  4. lucas Reply

    it’s epic

  5. Manon Hollingworth (Year 4 ) Reply

    It has been so fun making the cool biscuits!

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