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Tudor Enrichment Day

What did you do? Which were the best bits? Did you like working in mixed year group classes and touring the Key Stage?

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  1. Melo Reply

    I loved making the badges! It was so fun making them! 1 hour of drawing! AWESOME!:D

  2. Marshall Reply

    The best bit was the badges it awesome and the food tasting was not so good.

  3. mae Reply

    i loved doing the letters that you put seals on however i absolutely hated the Tudor food.

  4. Jacob Reply

    My favorite thing was in class 5 making the letters.:D

  5. Jasmine Reply

    I enjoyed the class 8 music and dancing it was very intresting but i wasn’t as keen on the food tasting its isnt the type of food i realy enjoy!

  6. Moya Reply

    My favorite bit was Mrs Campbell’s. I liked that because it was musical and I enjoy music! The fact that we were all mixed up in different groups made it much more fun!

  7. George Reply

    The best part about Tudor enrichment day was when we made seals.I found the activity very fun and and the end result was fantastic!

  8. Erin Reply

    I really enjoyed Mrs Campbell’s activity when we did music and dancing!

  9. Jasmine Reply

    in class 5 we invited a tudor king or queen for a banquet then maid the menu i did for Mary 1st.In class 6 we did tudor food tasting it wasn’t the best ever food.In class 7 we did a secret message and scealed it with wax and our tinfoil stamps.Class 8 we did a tudor dance and lernt how to play ELizabeth 1s favoret dance i was a team leader of the drums.Class 9 we maid a tudor family cress i did a flower to simberlist my name and dandilions and roses because they are my favoret flowers!

  10. Bethan (School council) Reply

    My favourite activity was Mrs Cambell’s singing and dancing and making tudor music because was very fun! I thought it was a great idea to mix age groups because the older ones could help the younger ones and the younger ones could help the older ones!

  11. Sam Reply

    I liked tasting all the different foods in class 6!

  12. Jaydon Reply

    We tasted tudor food if we were poor and we drew a symbol that suits us

  13. sam Reply

    Yeah we did lots of cool stuff like tasting food, making seals, singing, learning about Tudor food. Leaf

  14. Abby Reply

    My favorite thing was in class 7,because we made letters and seals with wax! i had to mine 2 times!=D

  15. Tomas Reply

    The best part was the badges because i rely like drawing.

  16. Katy Reply

    We did lots of different activitys in classes it was very fun. My favorite was Miss Camball her’s was fun, we played songs and danced but all the activitys were fun and interesting.

  17. Nicole Reply

    I liked all of the enrichment activities. The main course of food tasting in class 6 was yum, but the drink and dessert were HORRIBLE!!! I got a headache all afternoon after I drank that spicy apple juice. We also did a candlewax seal in class 7, a menu in class 5, music in class 8 and making a badge in class 9. 😀

  18. Aidan Reply

    The Tudor letter making in class 7. I thought that the food in class 6 was interesting but horrible. 😀 !

  19. Bethan (School council) Reply

    I was all really fun! 🙂

  20. Oleg Reply

    Really good I loved doing it in class9 in class9 were mento do somthing that when the teacher looks at it she or he will know that its yours.

  21. Miss Ramsay Reply

    I thought everyone was very brave to try the food and drink. It was surprising how many of you enjoyed it.

  22. Archie Reply

    I liked the idea of mixing the years up. Altogether it was amazing!

  23. Libby Reply

    I liked the wax stamp that we did in Mr . Staites class.I also liked the dancing with Mrs . Campbell and the badges that we did in our class! 🙂

  24. Bethan (School council) Reply

    I really enjoyed looking after the younger children!

  25. Ava Reply

    I really liked the pork and the spiced apple juice.

  26. William (school council co-chair) Reply

    I really enjoyed the activity in Mr Staite’s class which was sealing a letter with a secret message inside that no one could read. It was great was great fun in Mrs Campbell’s class where we did singing, dancing and tudor music. In class 9 we made family crests and I put a dragon. The best things were in class 5 and class 6 where we learnt about tudor food and even got to try some. Over all tudor enrichment day was very enjoyable indeed. I loved it 🙂

  27. Thisen Reply

    Out of all the activities I enjoyed making the seals in Mr.Staite’s class because I learn’t that the Tudors used seals to make sure it wasn’t broken by other people who would read the message.

  28. William Reply

    I really enjoyed it my favourite bit was when we got taste tudor food my favoutite one was spiced apple juice it was amazing:D

  29. Thomas Reply

    The best bit was doing te wax seels. I also liked eating the pork and bread. I did ot like drinking te spiced apple juice because it had CINNOMIN in it.

  30. Robert Reply

    I think the idea of eating so much meat is strange when we eat raw vegtables e.g. apples bananas. 🙂

  31. Kloudia Reply

    I liked it really much.

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